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WATCH: IDF Releases Photo of Hamas Commanders Inside Tunnel; Confirms Elimination of Five

The IDF released a new photo and video showing northern Gaza senior Hamas commanders relaxing in a tunnel, circling the ones it has eliminated in recent airstrikes.

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The IDF said it had successfully targeted and eliminated several high-ranking commanders of Hamas’ Northern Gaza Brigade and Gaza City Brigade, including five in the released photograph, significantly disrupting the terrorist organization’s command and control infrastructure.

The operations were guided by intelligence from the Shin Bet.

In the Northern Gaza Brigade, IDF forces killed the brigade commander, Ahmed Jandor, and several other senior officials, including the deputy commander and commander of the aid battalion. This has severely impacted the brigade’s ability to function, the IDF says.

In Gaza City, IDF forces eliminated four battalion commanders and several other key officials, including the head of the anti-tank unit and heads of air and naval formations.

The operations also resulted in the seizure of important documents and technical equipment, which the IDF noted will provide valuable intelligence.

Due to the damage to the command and its infrastructure, the functioning of the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Strip was significantly damaged, the IDF says.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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