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LONG OVERDUE: Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Revokes Residence Visa Of UN Official

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen has declared the cancellation of a U.N. official’s residence visa in Israel, citing her lack of condemnation towards Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

In a statement released on X Tuesday, Cohen expressed his stance against what he perceives as UN bias. “I decided to revoke the residence visa to Israel of the UN “humanitarian” coordinator Lynn Hastings,” he announced.

Cohen criticized Hastings for not speaking out against Hamas for a series of actions, including the killing of 1,200 Israelis, kidnappings, and other severe abuses. He argued that her failure to condemn these actions, while criticizing Israel, a democratic nation defending its citizens, disqualifies her from serving in the UN and entering Israel.

“We will no longer be silent in the face of the bias of the UN!” Cohen stated.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. And for allowing HAMAS to use hospitals and UN schools for terrorist [sorry “resistance”] purposes under fully UN watch!

  2. Finally. A good FIRST step. But much more needs to be done. This needs to become common practice for any and all antisemitic individuals hiding behind established organizations.

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