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Gazan Testifies: Hamas Is Stealing The Humanitarian Aid Intended For Civilians [WATCH]

A Gazan woman blasted Hamas during an with Al-Jazeera, accusing the terrorist group of stealing international humanitarian aid coming into Gaza.

“There is plenty of aid, but all aid goes down (into Hamas tunnels),” the elderly woman said in a rare display of public discontent with Hamas.

“The aid does not reach the nation, all the people,” she added.

The pro-Hamas journalist interviewing the woman attempted to push back against her accusations, suggesting that only a limited amount of aid is entering Gaza and that the aid is being distributed equitably.

“All of it goes into their houses,” the woman shot back back. “They take it and will even shoot me or do whatever they want.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Seems reasonable. IF Hamas is using its civilians as human shields, why waste good food on them since it is Hamas plan for them to be “martyrs” rather than “survivors”. If the UN et al. weren’t so anti-Semitic, they would be complaining about Hamas outrageous behavior (but as Hamas is concentrating on killing Jews, why should the international community get upset).

  2. IDF should take over the Rafah Crossing and be the one to had out the aid directly to the (non-Hamas) people. They can ensure this way no weapons contraband and make Hamas for the first time irrelevant.

  3. translation slightly inaccurate.
    The last sentence starting with the words “chalihon yachduhon…” means “LET them take it…”

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