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Hamas Brutally Murdered Hostage Sahar Baruch, H’YD In Gaza

Kibbutz Be’eri on Motzei Shabbos announced the murder of Hamas captive Sahar Baruch, H’yd, 25, who was abducted from his home on the kibbutz on October 7th.

Hamas released a video showing Baruch talking and then moving to an image of his badly bruised and bleeding dead body.

Sahar Baruch, an engineering student at Ben=Gurion University, was abducted after remaining in his grandmother’s burning house to search for his brother’s asthma inhaler. His brother, Idan, H’yd, was shot and murdered after he jumped out of the window of the burning house, gasping for breath. Their grandmother, Geulah Bachar, H’yd, 81, was also murdered.

The Baruch brothers, H’yd, are survived by their parents and two brothers.

The number of people murdered on Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7th has now risen to 93.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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