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Mossad Aided Cyprus In Foiling Iranian Plot Against Israeli & Jewish Targets

Cypriot news outlets reported on Sunday that two Iranian nationals were arrested in Cyprus for allegedly planning a terror attack against Israelis and Jewish targets in the country.

According to the reports, the suspects had already begun gathering intelligence on the places they were planning on targeting when they were arrested.

The suspects were in contact with a source in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The Prime Minister’s Office in Israel has confirmed the report. “Thanks to the anti-terrorist activity and the arrest of the cell by the security services in Cyprus, much information was received that led to the exposure of the threats, the methods of operation, the targets of the attack, and Iranian plans to murder innocent people in Cyprus and in other areas,” the statement from the PMO’s office said.

It was also reported that “since the murderous terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7th, the Iranian regime has expanded its efforts to promote terrorist activities around the world. Iran spares no means to achieve its criminal goals.”

“The Mossad, together with its partners in the intelligence and security organizations, continues to act in a variety of ways to eradicate the terrorist threats from Iran and its affiliates and to protect the State of Israel, its citizens, and the Jewish people worldwide.”

Israel’s National Security Council stated that since the outbreak of the war, many Israelis have traveled to Cyprus. The Iranian presence in northern Cyprus, and the use of the area in the past and present for terrorist purposes and to attack Israeli and Jewish targets, is a troubling issue.

An Israeli-run therapeutic retreat has was established in Cyprus for survivors of the October 7th massacre at the Nova music festival, the worst civilian massacre in Israeli history.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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