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WATCH: Hamas Minister In Israeli Custody Slams Sinwar And Hamas In Shin Bet Interrogation Video

Yusuf al-Manasi, a former Communications Minister for Hamas, was interrogated by the Shin Bet and expressed strong criticism of Hamas’ policies, highlighting the extensive harm and devastation the organization has inflicted upon the Gaza Strip.

In his interrogation, al-Manasi conveyed that the sentiment among Gaza Strip residents is one of frustration and despair towards Hamas leadership. He quoted people saying, “Sinwar and his friends destroyed us; we have to get rid of them,” reflecting widespread discontent with the current leadership and its impact on the region.

“This is a group of crazy people that [Yahya] Sinwar leads. They destroyed the Gaza Strip. Set it back 200 years….

“People in the Gaza Strip say that Sinwar and his group destroyed us. We must get rid of them.”

“I have not seen anyone in the Gaza Strip who supports Sinwar, nobody likes Sinwar. There are people who, day and night, pray that God will free us from him…”

(Sinwar is a) “megalomaniac. He feels he’s above everyone. Does only as he thinks. He makes decisions without consulting with anyone.”

“There is funding for projects, and there’s funding that comes from Iran to the military wing of Hamas. That money goes to destruction.”

“October 7th was the opposite of the Islamic religion. It is heresy. Madness. What they did there is not acceptable to logic, religion, and intelligence. The ones responsible for this are Sinwar and his friends.”

“My advice to the people in Gaza is that they oppose Sinwar’s bunch. Let us live, and deal with the people. We will build Gaza; it will take time; the wound is great.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. What would he have said if Hamas had been “successful”.

    Keep it up until we have total victory and absolute and unconditional surrender!

  2. One question I have of this rat! Post October 7th, Sinwar and his Hamas polled very favorably among the people of Gaza. Seemingly he us offering this info to save his pig skin. Not trustworthy!

  3. He might genuinely hate Sinwar and his henchmen because they are ruthless to their own as well. But its also likely that he is trying to save his skin so he rattles off info he thinks will find favor by Israel.

  4. This is an old Hamas tactic. The “political” wing claims they either know nothing about or don’t support the activities’ of the “military” wing.

  5. Statements made by POWs supporting their captors are meaningless. If he was released to, and granted asylum by, a Muslim country AND THEN made the statements about Hamas, it would mean something.

  6. They don’t like Sinwar, but they joined in to the Simchas Torah massacre, celebrating the murder, jeering and even beating hostages and how many of them are held by [civilians] hating Sinwar?!

  7. And he was a minister in this Hamas government he claims to oppose. Makes you wonder 🤔
    On the other hand, he’s risking his life saying what he says here. Israel doesn’t hold these people endlessly, the minute he’s back in Gaza, he’s a dead man.

  8. @uncle mo
    Ahmed Yassin, SPIRITUAL LEADER of Hamas, sang from the same tune sheet as this guy, and when released , reverted to normative hamas ideology.
    Nothing new under the sun .
    They use Western gullibility very well .

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