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Residents Of Central Israeli Town Report Sounds Of Digging Under Their Homes

Most Israelis have been on edge since October 7th, with images of the horrific atrocities perpetrated by Hamas terrorists not far from anyone’s mind. Thousands of residents of southern and northern Israel were evacuated from their homes due to safety concerns. But are the residents of central Israel any safer? The residents of Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal, who have been hearing the sounds of digging under their homes, don’t think so.

Kochav Yair-Tzur Yigal is a town of about 9,000 residents in central Israel which is very close to a number of Palestinian areas, including Qalqiliya, which is only about 300 meters away from the edge of the town, and Tulkarem.

Walla reported that in recent weeks, the residents of the town have reported that they have been hearing the sounds of digging near their homes, raising fear that Palestinians are digging tunnels into their town. The Green Line touches the eastern edge of the town and the separation fence – which in this area is a simple mesh fence – is only about 500 meters from the outermost houses.

A possibility, chas v’chalilah, of infiltration by a Palestinian mob from Qalqiliya and nearby villages that until October 6th, would have sounded extreme and far-fetched, is now real and terrifying.

The chairman of the local council, Yuval Arad, who published the article in Walla about the concerns of the residents, wrote that as an initial response, the local council set up several observation positions near the town that are manned by armed soldiers and volunteers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Residents of Bat Hefer, near Netanya, not only report hearing digging underneath their homes but say that residents of Tulkarem fire at the yishuv on a daily basis. A resident of the yishuv told Radio 103FM on Thursday that residents find shells in their yards and wake up at night from explosions. He added that the residents don’t feel that security officials are providing an adequate response and are living in a constant state of fear.

“We need to understand that what our enemies did to us on October 7th is a model for what they plan to do,” he said ominously. “We are no less at risk. We can’t be caught by surprise. Once they cross the fence of Bat Hefer and nearby yishuvim, Kfar Saba, Ra’anana, Hadera, Netanya, and the entire line will come under fire, up to the sea.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. @DontMindMe a .22 couldn’t much against any of these threats.
    The Israeli government should not tolerate anyone within its borders that doesnt acknowledge to exist. they should expel/execute anyone involved with these terrorist activities

  2. To Don’t mind me: A .22 round will do absolutely nothing- even 15 of them- no stopping power whatsoever. 9mm +p hollowpoints…now that’s something else…….

  3. What is the IDF waiting for? Go into Qalqilya, hunt them down, discover where they’re digging, finish them off, and fill the tunnel with cement. Just don’t sit back and wait for the infiltration to happen!

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