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WATCH: Nukhba Terrorist To Hamas Buddies: “Surrender Or Your Fate Is Death”

The Shin Bet on Thursday published a video from the interrogation of a terrorist from Hamas’s Nukhba force who was captured in a tunnel in Khan Younis in Gaza along with two other terrorists.

The terrorist, who served as a Nukhba commander, was detained deep in the tunnel, where he was hiding behind a blast door along with additional terrorists, armed with weapons, RPG launchers, and explosives. However, instead of using the weapons to attack IDF soldiers, he and his fellow terrorists laid down their arms and surrendered.

During the interrogation, he said: “We put all our weapons outside the room and we sat and waited in the room. The IDF came and took all the weapons outside. When the IDF arrived, we raised our hands and surrendered.”

In response to a question about his message to his Hamas friends still hiding in tunnels, he said: “I recommend to everyone to surrender because otherwise your fate is death.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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