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Israeli Intelligence Officer: “Hamas Spies Penetrated Most Classified IDF Bases”

A veteran officer in the IDF’s Intelligence Directorate said that the army has serious suspicions that Hamas spies penetrated the IDF prior to October 7th, Yisrael Hayom reported on Sunday.

“The investigative committee must inquire about how they had so much inside information about what was happening on the most classified IDF bases,” the officer said.

“The Nukhba terrorists had information about the most sensitive IDF sites, information that is kept highly classified even within the military. We need to find out how this information reached them. These are details that IDF commanders do not disclose even to their closest friends.”

He explained that the implication is that ‘there was a double intelligence failure by the Shin Bet.  The Shin Bet was supposed to gather information about Hamas plans and it is known that it failed in doing so. But the Shin Bet is also responsible for preventing counterintelligence, which means not allowing the enemy to gather information from within Israel. We now know that Hamas had a lot of information about us, beyond collecting information from drones and surveillance. In other words, there is reason to suspect serious counterintelligence and we still don’t know how it was carried out. This is a matter that cannot be covered up and we must investigate it after the war.”

The officer said that it is possible that a foreign country aided in the counterintelligence efforts.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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