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WATCH: TEARS & SMILES: Freed Hostages Reunite With Their Relatives

Freed hostages Fernando Marman, 61, and Norberto Louis Har, 70, said that they were held in the home of a family in Rafah, Ynet reported on Monday morning.

According to the report, the fact that they returned in relatively good condition after 129 days in captivity is because they were held in a home rather than in a tunnel. However, they were both very hungry and weak and lost a lot of weight. A relative told Ynet that “they were hungry for days.”

Following their release, Fernando and Louis were reunited with their relatives, three of whom were also taken captive by Hamas and released in the hostage deal on November 28th, including Fernando’s sister and Louis’s wife Clara Marman, along with another sister, Gabriela Leimberg, and Gabriel’s 17-year-old daughter Mia.

Mia Leimberg, 17, is released from captivity.

Gefen Sigal Ilan, Clara Marman’s daughter and Fernando’s niece, told Kan News following her relatives’ release that the Hamas captors used psychological terror against Fernando and Louis.

“They used psychological warfare on them – until yesterday they told them that we all went back to work and we’re not waiting for them or searching for them. They didn’t believe them and continued to support each other.”

Louis’s son-in-law, Idan Bejarno, spoke to the press about his father-in-law’s release. “At a quarter past three we received a phone call from the liaison officer who told us, ‘Fernando and Louis are in our hands, come to [Sheba Hospital] Tel Hashomer.’ We were very surprised to receive this phone call. The first meeting was very emotional. Louis was lying in bed, trying to sit up. We saw that it was difficult for him and that he was very excited.”

“We met and hugged. It was a very emotional reunion, many tears flowed. He is surrounded by family and children. He is smiling and still not talking. At least today we can give some good news to Am Yisrael. Luis and Fernando look okay, we are still in the joy of the beginning.”

Regarding their physical condition, Idan said: “There wasn’t much food – they shrunk. They’re very thin, unshaven with long hair. It wasn’t easy there. All this time he was without his hearing aid, his glasses, and his medication. He is a little thin, tired, sad and happy. A little pale – with bruises. He first asked about our welfare, he was more interested in us, how we are-  the four children and ten grandchildren.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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