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KEIN YIRBU: Hamas Official Admits At Least 6,000 Terrorists Have Been Killed By IDF In Gaza

A Hamas official stationed in Qatar has for the first time admitted that the terror group has suffered heavy losses in Gaza. The official told Reuters that Hamas has suffered the loss of approximately 6,000 fighters in the ongoing conflict, a figure that starkly contrasts with Israel’s claim of 12,000 Hamas terrorists killed. The anonymous official added that Hamas is not ready to lay down its arms and is prepared for engagement in Rafah.

“Netanyahu’s options are difficult and ours are too,” the Hamas official added. “He can occupy Gaza but Hamas is still standing and fighting. He hasn’t achieved his goals to kill the Hamas leadership or annihilate Hamas.”

The Gaza health ministry, operated by Hamas, reports a total of 28,985 Palestinian casualties in the war, a number that doesn’t differentiate between civilians and Hamas members. Also, the figures – which include deaths caused directly by Hamas, including misfired rockets and shooting at civilians attempting to move to safer zones – have not been independently verified.

On the Israeli side, the IDF has reported the deaths of nearly 12,000 Hamas operatives in Gaza, alongside an additional 1,000 terrorists within Israel’s borders on October 7. The IDF has also confirmed the loss of 235 Israeli soldiers in the ground offensive in Gaza.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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