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South African MP: “Cape Town Will Be A ‘Bloodbath’ If You Make It Into A Jewish State!”

South African MP Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam threatened a bloodbath in Cape Town if it’s “handed over to the Zionists.”

Speaking at a parliamentary debate last week on the war between Israel and the Hamas terror organization, Enam accused local Jews of controlling the opposition party and trying to make Cape Town into “a Jewish state’ by supporting Israel over Hamas terrorists.

“We have political parties in this house that are trying to justify the massacre and genocide that’s taking place in Palestine, particularly right now in Rafah,” he falsely claimed [an operation has not yet even been launched in Rafah]. “But let me give a loud and clear message to the Democratic Alliance: If you think that the people of this country are going to allow you to take this beautiful country, our city of Cape Town, and hand it over to the Zionists, the city of Cape Town will be a bloodbath, I can assure you that.”

He then escalated his antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric and bizarrely accused South African Jews of controlling the Democratic Alliance, which has governed the city since 2009, and selling South African land to the United States.

“We will not allow you to take this and sell it, sell your principles, your ethics and values like you have just pawned the land in the Western Cape to the US and others,” he said. “We will not allow you to make this a Jewish state!”

His statements sparked outrage in the local Jewish community and beyond.

Emam’s speech follows South Africa’s claim against Israel’s “genocide” in Gaza at the International Court of Justice and its claim that Israel commits “apartheid” against the Palestinians.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. My dear fellow Jews, PLEASE get out of South Africa NOW, while you still can!!

    If you cannot get out of South Africa, then PLEASE get guns and ammunition, the more the better.

    PS: If the Democratic Party wins the next presidential election, then the Jews in the USA will eventually find themselves in a situation similar to the Jews in South Africa.

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