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IDF Test-Piloting Initiative To Install Palestinians Without Terror Links As Gaza Rulers

In a move towards post-war governance in Gaza, the IDF is reportedly advancing plans to establish a local Palestinian governing body in the Zeitun neighborhood of Gaza City comprised of Palestinian leaders who do not have affiliations with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. This step aligns with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vision for the governance of Gaza by local Palestinians, rather than by the IDF or the existing authorities in the West Bank, who also support terror.

Zeitun is set to be the testing ground for this initiative, with IDF officials said to have already engaged with a selection of Palestinian community leaders poised to take the helm in governing the area. This approach seeks to foster a governance model rooted in local leadership and community engagement, distinct from the influences of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

However, the proposal has been met with considerable skepticism from analysts who caution against the parallels with previous similar efforts in conflict zones, notably the United States’ post-invasion strategy in Iraq, which faced significant challenges and did not yield the intended outcomes. Concerns are particularly focused on the potential for Palestinian leaders who collaborate with Israel to be quickly delegitimized within their communities, posing risks to their credibility and safety.

Despite some opinions within the security establishment advocating for the Palestinian Authority to lead Gaza’s post-war governance, directives from Netanyahu’s office have steered the IDF to explore alternatives that exclude the PA. This has led to the current efforts in Zeitun, as officials attempt to navigate the complexities of establishing effective local governance amidst the backdrop of conflict and longstanding political tensions.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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