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EPIC VIDEO: Rep. Andy Ogles Shuts Down Pro-Hamas Activists: “You Know What? I Think We Should Kill Them All”

Rep. Andy Ogles has sparked a firestorm of hate against him from pro-Hamas miscreants after he was recorded advocating for the killing of every member of Hamas.

The video shows a woman questioning Ogles about his awareness of the “genocide happening right now in Palestine” and inquired whether he had advocated for a ceasefire. The conversation soon delved into a debate over the perpetration of “war crimes” by both sides involved in the conflict.

In a that has since made national headlines, Ogles responded to the woman’s probing with a powerful statement: “You know what? I think we should kill them all, if that makes you feel better. Everybody in Hamas.”

As the discussion progressed, further questions were posed to Ogles, touching on his empathy and familial connections, to which he retorted by highlighting the long-standing hostilities initiated by Hamas and Palestinians against Israel, asserting that it was time to “Pay the Piper.”

The dialogue took a more contentious turn as Ogles’ interlocutors criticized Israel’s role, labeling it an “occupier” and disputing historical claims to the land. Before concluding the interaction, Ogles starkly declared, “Death to Hamas.”

The identity of the individuals involved in the exchange, including their potential affiliations with any specific organizations, aren’t clear.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. “In February 2024, during an altercation with a pro-Palestinian activist questioning him about Palestinian child casualties in the Israel-Hamas war, Ogles told the activist “So, I think we should kill ’em all if that makes you feel better. Hamas and the Palestinians have been attacking Israel for 20 years. It’s time to pay the piper… Death to Hamas!”

    This is quoted from Wikipedia – intentionally leaving out the words “Everybody in Hamas”. Wikipedia terrorists lovers.

  2. Ogles was obviously feeling hounded and harrassed by the pro-Hamas vermin chasing him. And frankly, he lost it and fell into their trap. Whatever he has done for Tennessee will be forgotten and these ignorant creeps will make sure to continually replay his words, edited of-course to sound as bad as possible. Pity for him. Pity for us because he is clearly a friend.

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