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IDF Uncovers Massive Tunnel Network Under Hospital, Gaza University [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

The IDF has uncovered a massive network of underground terror tunnels spanning 10 kilometers beneath a hospital and university in Gaza. The discovery, made by troops from the 162nd Division, reveals a sophisticated and extensive network connecting the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

The tunnel network, built by Hamas, was used to move between different brigades and houses rooms, including toilets and storage facilities for weapons and combat equipment.

The IDF says it has gained control over the tunnel shafts, investigated the tunnels, and destroyed a significant portion of the network.

This underground network of terror tunnels, located beneath schools, hospitals, and residences, cost Hamas millions of dollars to build.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Hey blind, deaf, dumb and stupid South Africa,
    Aside from the fact that these were built from billions of misdirected international aid funds, does this not warrant your intervention at the IJC? These are not crimes that interest you? Strange how lopsided your sense of judgment is!

  2. Millions of dollars stolen from International aid money and used to build these massive tunnels and terror infrastructure. AND THE WORLD DOESN”T SAY ANYTHING.

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