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FATAL TERROR IN ISRAEL: 2 Israelis Murdered By PA Policeman In Shooting Attack In Eli

A shooting attack took place at a gas station in the yishuv of Eli in Binyamin late Thursday afternoon.

The attack left two Israelis murdered. Their identities have not been released. One victim is reportedly 17 years old, and the second is 31.

The terrorist was neutralized by the owner of “Chummus Eliyahu” at the gas station.

A large number of Israeli security forces launched a manhunt for additional terror suspects in the area. The residents of Eli were instructed to stay inside their homes.

The terrorist was armed with an M-16. He was later identified as Mohammed Manssra, a police officer in the Palestinian Authority security forces and a resident of Qalandiya, a PA village between Ramallah and Jerusalem.

This gas station is the same location where four Israelis were murdered last year in a terror attack.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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