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WATCH: Trump Claims He Would Have Prevented Oct. 7 Massacre, Says Israel Has “Gotta Finish The Problem”

In a phone interview with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, former US President Donald Trump made bold claims regarding the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, insisting that the October 7 massacre and subsequent ongoing war would never have occurred if he were still in the White House.

“It would have never happened if I was president. Iran was broke… They had no money for Hamas, for Hezbollah, they were broke,” Trump said.

He also criticized current President Joe Biden, saying, “They wouldn’t have done it to me. I guarantee you that. They did this because they have no respect for Biden.”

When asked about his support for the IDF’s actions in Gaza, Trump responded, “You’ve gotta finish the problem. You had a horrible invasion [that] took place.”

Trump also drew parallels to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, claiming that Russia would never have attacked Ukraine if he were president. He went on to suggest that Biden is “abandoning Israel” and mocked his mental competence, claiming that “fascists and communists surround him” and are making decisions.

Regarding Vice President Kamala Harris’s call for a temporary ceasefire, Trump reiterated that the conflict would never have happened under his presidency. He also appeared to reiterate claims that the 2020 US election was stolen, before warning that “we’re gonna end up in World War III.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Biden capitulation in Afghanistan, and wishy-washy support of Ukraine may have encourage Hamas, and their Iranian masters. To “finish the matter”, Israel would have to destroy Iran which might prove very costly, and in a Trumpian world of “America First”, Russia and China (Iran’s allies) could “terminate Israel with extreme prejudice” without fear of American interference. Note the US is unable to prevent Iran from closing the Red Sea and Suez Canal, and nothing Trump advocates suggests he would do anything more than Biden has.

  2. say whatever you want to say, ever since Briben, we have three wars going on, hyperinflation and a border crisis.
    What’s wrong with the four Trump years where we had peace and prosperity?

  3. Aku-when President Trump was the president Iran did something bad, and the United States started assassinating their leaders. Then Iran stopped. Everyone was afraid of him. No one wanted to do anything because they were afraid of what crazy thing Trump would do. No one is afraid of Biden. Also to the editor I object to the headline. You wrote that Trump claims that he would’ve prevented October 7. Prevented implies in active action. That’s not what he said. He said that people feared America when he was president. October 7 would not have happened. That’s different. people fear America’s response and so Europe finally started investing in their own defense and Russia was afraid to attack Ukraine. No one is afraid of Biden. Everyone can do whatever he wants without concern for repercussions.

  4. History has shown us how correct trump, it is frustrating however to listen to him making the whole situation about himself.

  5. Either yes or no, obviously we don’t know but they could be considering how much more will behave the world was at the time. The only thing the Chinese and the Democrat Party could do is create a virus.

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