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MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Quds Force Commander Assassinated In IDF Airstrike On Iranian Embassy Compound

Mohammad Reza Zahadi, the senior commander in the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) for Lebanon and Syria was assassinated in an IDF air strike on Monday. Zahadi previously commanded its Air Force and Ground Force and currently serves as one of the top commanders of the Quds Force.

This is one of the most significant bombings Israel has carried out in many years, and comes the morning after a drone from Iraq stuck an IDF Naval Base in Eilat – missing a half a billion dollar war ship by a few feet.

Monday’s attack focused on a structure next door to the Iranian embassy in Mezzeh, a district within the Damascus area municipality.

A spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry, Nasser Kanaani, called on the global community to condemn the strike. Iranian state television said the Iranian ambassador’s residence was inside the consular building, which stood next to the embassy. The main embassy remained intact.

State news agency SANA, citing an unnamed military source, said the building in the tightly guarded neighborhood of Mazzeh was leveled.

Iranian Ambassador Hossein Akbari condemned Israel and said as many as seven people were killed. First responders were still searching for bodies under the rubble. Akbari said two police officers who guard the building were wounded.

He vowed revenge for the strike “at the same magnitude and harshness.”

Israel, which rarely acknowledges such strikes, said it had no comment.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Well done! The Moslem Arab terrorists must continue to be taught the meaning of “measure for measure.” B’H’

  2. It is unbecoming of YWN to attribute the death of Zahadi to the IDF. It was, in fact, the direct result only of bochrim drinking coffee and learning shor sh’nagach in yeshiva that helped kill Zahadi. If only fewer people would serve in the IDF and more would be koveya serious sedorim to learning iyun, this war would end right away. Remember that Yaakov Avinu prepared for Esav through tefillah, doron, and milchama. But only Yaakov Avinu was on high enough level to prepare for milchama, and we instead should not serve in the IDF. This might or might not be an April Fool’s post.

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