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TEANECK, NJ: Violent Pro-Hamas Protesters Face Off Against Hundreds Of Jewish Residents Outside Shul [VIDEOS]

A group of dozens of violent pro-Hamas terrorists clashed with police outside a Teaneck Shul on Monday night, as hundreds of local Jewish residents held Israeli flags and peacefully counter protested.

The cause for the protest was a quiet, lowkey event, featuring a speaker from the ZAKA organization at the Bnai Yeshurun Shul.

As YWN reported early Monday morning, the Vaad Harabanim of Bergen County on Sunday issued a statement saying that the community will not bend to the haters, and called on the community to counter protest the planned Hamas protest.

ZAKA, as most are well aware, is an internationally recognized organization which ensures kavod hameis following accidents and terror attacks – and played a vital role in identifying bodies following the Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel.

So why would anyone have a problem with an event supporting it? Well, according to the pro-Hamas crowd, they have to “demand accountability” from ZAKA for “false claims that fuel Gaza genocide.”

Which false claims? Nobody knows. In fact, ZAKA is not a Jewish-only organization; It has Muslim volunteers too who assist in ensuring that dead Muslims are given proper treatment according to Islamic law.

But facts and reality won’t stop pro-Hamas agitators from protesting anything Jewish, because as we all know, this has nothing to do with Israel, but pure Hitler-like anti-Semitism.

Of course Muslims dressed as orthodox Jews (aka Neturei Karta) were on hand joining with their terrorist-brothers shouting slurs at Jews. Sources tell YWN that it is this very group of self-hating Jews, that are actually tipping off Hamas as to where there are pro-Israel events being held in Shuls and Jewish institutions, and then joining them for protests.

Videos below were shot by John Crisafulli, VP Senior Business Development Officer at First Commerce Bank in Lakewood. Although not Jewish himself, he traveled to the demonstration to show his support for the Jewish community.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

13 Responses

  1. YWN World Headquarters – NYC said:

    “Sources tell YWN that it is this very group of self-hating Jews [Neturei Karta], that are actually tipping off Hamas as to where there are pro-Israel events being held in Shuls and Jewish institutions, and then joining them for protests.”


    Neturei Karta has committed [another] act of MESIRAH!!!

    Since they caused Jews to be confronted by
    dozens of violent protesters, they have also
    [again] earned themselves RODAIF status!!!

    When will good Jews who believe in Torah
    and value the safety of Jewish communities
    wake up, and do something
    serious to stop the Neturei Karta?

  2. The left wants proof and then more proof for every person mutilated by Hamas. without 100 percent proof it is a lie.

    But don’t forget the 32000 innocents butchered by Israel

  3. the goyim who show up to these rallies are clearly not mentally well. why are there yiddin stooping to such a level to bother “counter-protesting” these psychos by engaging with them in any way, it isn’t a sign of mental health to engage with other crazy people….
    at least the protest in washington was arguably productive because that showed the politicians that there are constituents who support funding to israel, but i dont understand what purpose this type of “counter-protest” accomplishes. what does “not bending to hatred “mean exactly, i also don’t bend to hatred of goyim who drive by on shabbos and yell curses at us, but im not going to start protesting against them or yelling at them, theyr stam mishugayim… very confused…

  4. as usual with YWN headlines, cringe worthy, inaccurate, or misleading.
    Didn’t see any “Violence”.
    But as AOC once said, “It doesn’t have to be factually correct, as long as it’s `morrally correct`”.

  5. Kol hakavod to the Vaad Harabanim of Bergen County. It is very smart of them not to give in to terror because giving in to these terrorists empowers them and the problem simply grows bigger.

    As for the NK, anti-Zionism is their religion which is paving a straight pathway to gehenim for the whole lot due to their revolting actions. In the end, they’ll have to give a din v’cheshbon before Hashem.

  6. Anti-ZAKA is not Anti-Israel it’s Anti-semitism – Dipping off pro-Hamas protesters of Jewish events is nothing short of MESIROH!

  7. @don’t,

    Did you ever think that YWN wants to keep its site mostly viewable for underage children too?

    They have to show the violence in order to make it true?

    Were you there to know if it was or wasn’t?

    I heard on the radio that the police had to separate people on both sides

  8. don’t judge me: I saw other videos where some of the Palestine supporters were violent, and police had to step in. I’m glad that they weren’t posted, because the language being screamed by the terror supporters should not be hosted here.

  9. Binding פסק:- The מצוה של תמחה את זכר עמלק encompasses every single Naturei Karta:- A wicked evil parasite, way worse & more lethal & dangerous than the ערב רב ever was

  10. philosopher
    Although NK act like animals, we need to focus on their actions that are distributing, to say the least.

    To bulk them as anti-Zionist gives them some credibility as there ate many thousands of anti-Zionist that don’t go out and hurt our Jewish brothers. Anti-Zionist is a Jewish debate and should be respected. I’m not of NK nor of extreme factions.

    There are many that have sharp words against Israel as they go nationalistic over the edge now. Which makes many in the left also quasi any-Zionist

  11. With all that has been said and observed about NK, there’s hardly any more to add.
    Yet there is.
    This time, they were protesting a chareidi chesed shel emes organization.
    That’s a whole ‘nother level of disgusting from showing up at the Israeli Day Parade.
    I don’t understand how they’re tolerated in some circles. Why are their kids still in yeshivas?

    And no, we did not see any true violence. But the mob was hot.

  12. while I follow the shita of Rabbi Cohen who cancelled the event in Brooklyn I am very disturbed to find out that Neturei Karta are the tip off to them. We need to identify who specifically in that group is doing this, because I doubt a resident of an enclosed community in Williamsburg is getting access to this info, I think its someone in a more mainstream community reading English frum papers who is being moser.

  13. With all due respect to the Rabbi that’s speaking at this event, his interpretation of עצת השם היא תקום is the exact opposite of the correct meaning. The beginning of the pasuk is רבות מחשבות בלב איש, meaning that while people have many thoughts/ideas, the eitzah of Hashem is only one that stands. These rallies and so called “standing up” to those that hate us has no impact on anything. Yes, as an attendee at other rallies it made me feel good and that I was doing something tangible, but I have come to the realization that saying a perek of tehillim and davening with a little more kavanah will probably have a greater impact in shamayim than any rally, letter, or signature on a petition. May Moshiach come very soon. Am Yisroel Chai!!

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