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$400K+ Donated For Students Who Defended US Flag Downed By Pro-Hamas Mob

A GoFundMe page for University of North Carolina students who rushed to protect a US flag that pro-Hamas rioters attempted to down has collected $400,303 as of Thursday morning.

After pro-Hamas rioters removed the US flag from the campus flagpole and replaced it with a Palestinian flag, UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts, under the protection of the police, removed it and restored the US flag.

But the pro-Hamas rioters wouldn’t give up and they attempted to down the US flag again. Members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity rushed to the flagpole and prevented the flag from touching the ground while being cursed out and pelted with rocks, sticks, and water bottles by the pro-Hamas hooligans. The few dozen students held onto the flag for a full hour until the police arrived, clutching the flag amid the much larger anti-Israel mob.

Following the incident, a patriotic American started a GoFundMe page [that can seen here) to show appreciation to the patriotic students.

Brendan Rosenblum, a Jewish UNC student, stood next to the US flag holding an Israeli flag as pro-Hamas students threw water bottles at him.


Below, UNC Chancellor Lee Roberts speaks about the incident as the uncivilized pro-Hamas mob tries to drown him out:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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