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Hamas Delays Response to Ceasefire Proposal, Demands Changes to Agreement

Hamas has requested additional time to respond to the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire-prisoner swap deal, citing significant concerns with the existing plan. According to Al Akhbar, Egyptian and Qatari brokers have received indications that Hamas’ response will likely be negative, prompting intense negotiations between Egypt, the US, and Israel to prevent the talks from collapsing.

Egyptian sources revealed that Cairo has extracted a promise from Israel to delay any military operation in Rafah until the end of the week, providing a temporary reprieve. Meanwhile, a new Hamas delegation, led by Khalil al-Hayya, is set to arrive in Cairo with proposed amendments to the agreement.

Hamas is insisting on several key conditions, including the full withdrawal of IDF forces from all areas in Gaza, particularly Wadi Gaza and Netzarim, and confirmation of complete freedom of movement between the northern and southern Strip. Additionally, Hamas demands the cancellation of a paragraph discussing civilians and military personnel, and is adamant that no non-Palestinian Arab body be present in any part of the Gaza Strip.

The terror group is also pushing for a comprehensive ceasefire and wants Turkey to be a guarantor to the agreement, alongside the US, Egypt, and Qatar. This comes after the US refused to allow Russia to be a guarantor.

According to Egyptian sources, the US is keen to reach a deal and is pressuring the Israeli government, with one reason being a desire to end violence on US campuses. “The coming hours will be decisive, since the US is discussing guarantees to not return to the war if Hamas agrees to a ceasefire. You cannot pressure Israel more than what is happening now,” they said.

Hamas leadership in Gaza, led by Yahya Sinwar, has emphasized that their conditions for a ceasefire, withdrawal, and freedom of movement are “basic and cannot be deviated from.” The outcome of these negotiations will be crucial in determining the fate of the conflict and the prospects for a lasting peace.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. Its insane that the unrest on the campuses is influencing America’s position in these negotiations. Frankly, those responsible for the campus unrest should be locked up and prosecuted.

  2. What ever happened to never give in to terrorists…
    Does this mean that someone can rob a bank and start making conditions to release hostages Rachmana Litzlon…

  3. Okay sure complete ceasefire, done. AS LONG as there are no terrorist threats or attacks on any Israeli citizen. If there is even a suspicion of it, war goes back on full force!

  4. I sure hope Israel tells them where to go. Go in there and finish the job. There really is no solution by negotiation with these animals.

  5. Somehow it doesn’t seem like Hamas will return hostages anymore. In all likelihood, they have very few live hostages and they need them to use as human shields. So if they’re not returning them, then go in with force and save whoever you can. Doesn’t seem like there’s many choices anymore.

  6. Hamas is not in a position to “demand” anything. If its requests are not in Israel’s interests, they should be immediately rejected. I hope that we will shortly take care of business in Rafah to root out the barbarians and rescue the hostages. Way too much time has already gone by.

    The U.S. Administration is not acting in accord with either U.S. or Israeli interests. Five Americans are among the hostages and we have not heard a peep about them from the incompetent, anti-Americans running the abysmal show.

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