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SEE IT: IDF Kills Multiple Terrorists In Overnight Operations Across Gaza

The IDF launched overnight operations in the Gaza Strip, pushing into the Jabaliya camp in the northern region and engaging in intense fighting, resulting in the deaths of numerous gunmen.

According to the IDF, the 7th and 460th armored brigades of the 98th Division battled against dozens of armed squads and eliminated a significant number of terrorists over the past day.

In the same area, a drone strike targeted and killed members of a cell responsible for the rocket fire on Sderot the previous day.

In southern Gaza, the 162nd Division of the IDF continued operations in the eastern part of Rafah. During these operations, troops of the Givati Brigade raided a Hamas training camp, killing several gunmen at the base, capturing weapons and locating mock IDF vehicles used by the terror group for training.

In addition, approximately 80 sites used by terror groups, including buildings, weapon depots, rocket launchers, observation posts and other infrastructure, were struck by the Air Force over the past day.

The IDF also confirmed that troops of the Nahal Brigade withdrew from Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood after six days of operations to prepare for additional offensive operations. However, reservists of the Carmeli Brigade continue to operate in Zeitoun, contradicting media reports claiming that the six-day operation there has ended.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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