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DEVELOPING IN GAZA: More Than A Dozen Soldiers Injured, Some Killed In Horrific Incident In Shuja’iyya

Multiple IDF soldiers have been killed and injured in during an operation in Gaza’s Shuja’iyya neighborhood.

Details surrounding the incident remain sparse and under military censorship. However, sources confirm to YWN that approximately 15 soldiers were hurt in the incident, with reports of numerous fatalities and major injuries. Sources tell YWN that initial indications suggest was a horrific friendly fire mishap. Additionally, there may have been a second incident involving a booby-trapped building at around the same time in Jabalia in northern Gaza.

Video footage from Israel shows multiple helicopters arriving at numerous hospitals with injured troops onboard for medical treatment.

Additional details will be published as they become available.


  • Itai Avraham Biton ben Rachel
  • Gal Bani ben Iris
  • Shalu Ayala ben Teklo
  • Omer Aharon Lotan ben Tal
  • Akiva Shalom Kudish ben Devorah
  • Yeshua Levi ben Hana
  • Ili Ketar ben Hagit
  • Lidor Buskila ben Merav
  • Shagiv Sharabi ben Yifat
  • Eliran Yitzchak Morday ben Patria

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. Sadly an inevitable consequence from: DRAMATIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Netanyahu Said He’s Advancing Charedi Draft Law Passed By Lapid-Bennett Gov’t – BIBI & CO; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  2. Hard and painful to say, but it’s obvious that every announcement against the frum brought something. Biden, Iran, whoever doesn’t see it is just blind.

  3. Duvyy, playing G-D would mean pretending that you control what happens.
    All DavidTheKanoi did, was try to interpret the message that Hashem sent us, which is exactly what we are supposed to do as Jews.

  4. DavidtheKanoi,

    Bibi is trying to preemt something way worse that would come from Gallant and the Attorney General.

  5. Sadly; the inevitable consequence of being subservient to the idiot over the Atlantic. Joe Biden is treacherous for Israel. This is the result of the pressure which caused Israel to pull out of most of Gaza. Now they’ve prepared hell for when they knew they’d return. Hashem should help our dear soldiers and return them all safely!

  6. 🚨Jew hater caught on camera brutally beating up a Jewish child.

    A thug is seen walking over to a group of Hasidic Jewish kids in Brooklyn. He grabs ahold of one kid and starts aggressively beating him up. He is seen kicking and stepping on the child. (Shirion.Org

  7. There are last names included in the names as listed – please correct.

    @David – are you G-d’s accountant? Let Him keep his own cheshbonos – He doesn’t need you to try to do so for Him. I could equally say this is on account of the Chareidi community’s continued unwillingness to be Noseh b’ol chaveiro demonstrated by the proposed law – after all, true Achdus is what protects us, especially during Sefira – when Talmidei Rabbi Akiva were killed for not properly respecting each other. I won’t, though – HKB”H can keep his own accounts, without input from you or me.

    Your role now is to daven for the injured and all the soldiers fighting to protect the Am Hashem haYoshev b’Tzion – period.

    an Israeli Yid

  8. @AnisraeliGoy,

    You will only carry on suffering if you carry on with your invented form of ‘judaism’.
    Sorry to say, but as HaRav Yosef Ya’avetz Hasefardi wrote in his sefer he wrote about the spanish inquisition, the Chaves Da’as, amongst all the other Chachamim/Gedolim from past and present, (no I don’t refer to YOUR nazi or communist rabid anti semite dieties like herzl ym”sh, jabotinsky ym”sh etc), that the reason why calamity and tragedy befalls the Jewish people is because they don’t turn around and make a din vecheshbon as to what sins/sins of the generation caused that tzara.
    This was long before the zionist invented herzl tribal nation notion hogwash of ‘ahavat chinam’.
    There is no mitzvah of noseh be’ol chavero in regards to those that break the Torah in any and every way possible.
    Even those that are Tinok shenishba amongst other titles (for which these descriptions are many times just thrown around like nothing when it requires a da’at Torah to pasken when and where it is applicable), they might have a different status than those that it is ASSUR to even have mercy on, but the fact of the matter stands that there is no mitzvah to be nose be’ol chavero in their committing/taking part in the worst merida b’Hashem.
    Do not go around telling people what their role is, remember that neither are you Hashems accountant.
    These – at the very best stretched to the splitting end idf’niks, SOME are maybeee tinok shenishba, nothing close at all to talmide Rav Akiva, but it all is just part of the old twisted deranged form of the nationalistic judeo-hegelicalism hybrid religion that the mizrachi created, where the ones that break the Torah, have ‘lofty souls’ and are compared to lehavdil elef havdalot our chachamim, and those that uphold the Torah….

  9. a name for tfilos of another soldier who is in critical condition from this incident is
    Avraham Yagel ben Na’ama
    he is a friend of my son

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