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TEHILLIM: 20-Year-Old Iranian Jew Faces Execution On Shabbos

A 20-year-old Jewish man is slated for execution on Shabbos, according to Iranian media reports, sparking urgent appeals for Tehillim and diplomatic intervention from the Jewish community worldwide.

The young man was sentenced to death following a fatal altercation with a local non-Jewish Iranian. Under Iranian law, the family of the victim has the right to accept compensation, known as “diyeh,” and spare the accused from execution. However, despite efforts by the Jewish man’s family to resolve the situation through this legal provision, the family of the deceased has refused to accept any payment and is insisting on the death penalty.

Lawyers and officials within the Iranian-Jewish community in the United States have attempted to persuade the victim’s family to accept the compensation, but so far, their efforts have been unsuccessful.

On Friday afternoon, a gathering was held at Kever Rochel, where Tefillos were recited on behalf of the young man.

The Jewish man’s family has issued a desperate appeal to the public, seeking Tefillos and urgent intervention.

Please daven for Arvin Netanel ben Sonia Tziyona.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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