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Israeli Air Force Strikes Kill Senior Hamas And Islamic Jihad Operatives In Gaza

In a series of precision airstrikes following guidance from “precise intelligence,” the Israeli Air Force eliminated several senior terror operatives in the Gaza Strip over Shabbos.

Azmi Abu Daqqa, a high-ranking Hamas operative involved in the smuggling of weapons and terror funds, was among those eliminated.

In addition to Abu Daqqa, the IAF struck dozens of terror targets over the past day, including two tactical-level Hamas commanders who were preparing to attack IDF troops in the Rafah area. The commanders were identified and targeted by the 215th Fire Brigade.

In a separate strike last night, an IAF aircraft eliminated a significant Islamic Jihad terrorist operative who served as the Head of Logistics for the Rafah Brigade. The terrorist was responsible for preparing the terror organization for operations against IDF ground troops in the area.

The IDF confirmed the airstrikes, stating that they were carried out under the intelligence direction of the Intelligence Wing and the Southern Command.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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