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Herzog Urges Israel To Consider “Game-Changer” Deal To Normalize Relations With Saudi Arabia

Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog has called on his country to seriously consider normalizing relations with Saudi Arabia, a move he believes could be a “game-changer”. The US has been pushing for normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia, with Sullivan telling Netanyahu that there is an opportunity for normalization if Jerusalem agrees to a pathway to a future Palestinian state.

However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected any deal that would require a commitment to Palestinian statehood – a key sticking point in the negotiations with Riyadh.

Speaking at a conference organized by the Israel Democracy Institute, Herzog revealed that he had met with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who announced an option for normalization with Saudi Arabia.

“This is a move that could bring about tremendous change, a historic ‘game-changer’ that constitutes a victory over the empire of evil. I very much hope that this possibility is being seriously considered, as the empire of evil sought on October 7 to destroy the chance for normalization,” Herzog said.

Herzog stressed that the struggle is not just against Hamas, but a wider, strategic, global, and historic battle, and urged Israel to integrate into the grand vision of normalization. However, Netanyahu has maintained his stance, reiterating that he will not accept a Palestinian state, even if it comes with a Saudi normalization deal.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Saudi Arabia was ready to proceed discussions without ‘Palestine’, until the Jew-haters in DC basically pushed this condition on them.

  2. Get billions if you just cut off your head

    Get peace with Saudi Arabia if you just agree to more genocide through “Palestine”


  3. Remember that Saudi Arabic is a dictatorship in which one family (the king’s rather large family, since his grandfather was famous for having far more than the four wives allowed by Islam, which is why there are so many Saudi princes) rules the country. There is very little reason to believe most of the people in Arabia support the government or would feel bound by a treaty it signs.

    The goal should be an agreement negotiated with the Palestinians (which requires free elections) and approved in a referendum, and preferably guaranteed by the major western powers and the major Islamic states. Any agreement imposed on the Palestinians, or the Israelis, will not be effective (note the utter failure of the British when they imposed on “solution” after World War I, and rejected the Jewish-Arab agreement that had been approved by the Zionists and the Hareidim).

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