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The IDF Expects The War To Continue Until 2026

The IDF expects the current multi-front war to continue until 2026, estimating that the war with Hezbollah on the northern border will escalate in the next few months.

According to senior IDF officials, a full-scale war with Hezbollah will begin by September at the latest.

The IDF expects the intense war in Gaza to continue until October 2024, about a year after the launch of the war, Walla reported.

According to the report, the IDF believes that there is still a large cache of rockets in the Rafah area, including missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  1. 2026???

    The current IDF leadership are lefty lunatics who don’t want to win, they rather keep their job, play nice with their US counterparts and get praised by the liberal press

    This all on the backs of the soldiers lives.

  2. No news – only Biden thought anything else and is hoping for a speedy end of the war well in advance of the upcoming elections.

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