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FEET TO THE FIRE: Johnson Gives Schumer Ultimatum On Netanyahu Address To Congress

House Speaker Mike Johnson has given Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer an ultimatum: join his letter inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress or the House will move ahead with an invitation on its own.

Johnson notified Schumer’s staff that if the Senate leader does not sign the draft invitation by Tuesday, he will proceed with inviting Netanyahu to address just the House, but will extend individual invitations to senators to attend the speech.

Schumer has reiterated that he is open to hosting Netanyahu at the Capitol, stating, “Yes, I support the idea of having Netanyahu address a joint meeting of Congress.” However, he has also criticized Netanyahu in the past, calling him an “obstacle to peace” in a March speech.

Netanyahu previously addressed Congress in March 2015.

It’s sad and ironic that a non-Jew from Louisiana has to put Chuck “Shomer Yisroel” Schumer’s feet to the fire simply to invite the Israeli prime minister to deliver a speech.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. The Jewish Nation had, unfortunately, many such Jews. The MisYavnim Jews were loyal to the Greeks YMS. In recent history, see the book “The Jews that Fought for Hitler” YMS listing names of THOUSANDS of Jews that fought with the Nazi army including the head of the Nazi airforce, a Jew (“converted” by Hitler YMS to an Arayan, so that he qualified). Maybe we will one day add the YMS after the game of this “Shomer Yisroel”.

  2. whats the rat sewage nazionist bibi ym”sh going to say in his address, falsely claim again to speak in the name of all Jews?
    Quote Psukim but trash them back in Eretz Yisrael?
    Actively be one of the biggest anti-Semites around (i.e. gadol hamachti’oh yoter min hahorgo) but shout against others?
    Cover up his own play in being passively responsible in the massacre of so many in order to push up his own name?

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