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GUT-WRENCHING: Hamas Terrorists’ Chilling Footage: 5 Female IDF Soldiers’ Abduction Caught on Camera

The Hostages Families Forum has released disturbing footage showing the abduction of five female soldiers by Hamas terrorists on October 7. The video, taken by body cameras worn by the terrorists, shows the moment Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniella Gilboa, and Naama Levy were taken from the Nachal Oz base near the Gaza border.

The forum released the footage with a statement, saying, “The disturbing video has been the reality of Agam, Daniella, Liri, Naama, Karina, and 123 other hostages for 229 days. The video is a damning testament to the nation’s failure to bring home the hostages, who have been forsaken for 229 days.”

The release of the footage is part of a desperate plea to the Israeli government to take action and return to the negotiating table. “The Israeli government must not waste even one more moment – it must return to the negotiating table today!” the forum urged.

The footage below is graphic and not for the faint of heart. View at your own discretion. 

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

32 Responses

  1. After a few moments I couldn’t watch the video anymore…the anti-Semites globally smelled Jewish blood which they have shed for centuries and got excited. They have rewarded these acts of barbarism against Jews by declaring the colonial entity “Palestine ” a state for these disgusting terrorists. Hashem will take revenge against all our enemies, in this world or the next, but we must return to Him. He is sending messages to us and we must take heart!!!

  2. If only Israel could wipe them out from the sky without even one drip of Jewish blood. The soldiers who have seen this will never give up.

  3. This is who we are negotiating with, these pereh adam, these murderous savages, who all need to be neutralized and as sad as it is to think this because of the hostages unknown circumstances….Israel has to step up its war efforts to find and kill the evil terrorists and all of them, and with hashems help we will persevere!

  4. ujm, I agree that women should not ge in the army, but this fact is irrelevant here where these barbarians came into Israel and took civilian female hostages too.

  5. I would like to know if any rov or moral authority feels this is correct to air.

    It is pure rishus! immoral! on Your part to post this


  6. YWN, please take the clip down. Noone has to see this. It’s enough that it’s on the web elsewhere. Thank you

  7. this is who are very own Shomer Yisroel Chuck Schumer is protecting when he wants the downfall of the Israeli government and who he is pushing to stay in power HAMAS as thats what Biden wants, remember this next time Chuck comes to some dinner for some organization and spouts he is a shomer yisroel

  8. To Hamas:May H-shem avenge you 1000-fold for your brutality and savagery. And to Norway, Ireland and Spain:if you have eyes, ears and brains in your head, you would never, ever recognise a state as a prize for these monsters. And the result of your treachery might be in the words of Psalms 137:Blessed is He who will hold and smash your children (Bas Bavel)to the rock…

    This is not supposed to be like all the other disgusting sites
    Posting things like this gives the terrorist strength you’re helping them.

    Everybody must protest, and this must be taken down.Otherwise everyone should leave this site and go to c.N.N

  10. I totally care about the hostage, but to force the government to give back again terrorist, to do the same thing again we’ve been there.We tried it it with shalit It really went great.We had a prize of october seventh

  11. UJM, that is the most irrelevant and inappropriate comment you possibly could make. These animals do not care if these girls are in the army or in a bais Yaakov. All they want is to do evil to our Jewish brothers and sisters (and I assume) that includes you.

  12. Why on earth are you showing this on a frum site?! Where is your sensitivity to our neshomos? This is not for Jewish consumption!! PLEASE remove it at once! Which gedoilim have allowed this? None!
    Because things are bandied about on other news sites does not mean it should be repeated here!!!


    Forward this to every news and media outlet

    Forward this to every college and university

    Forward this to every democrat senator

    Forward this to the white house and Biden advisors

    The world needs to see with their own eyes who these “Free Palestinians” are

  14. Seeing what Hamas can do is no chiddush the main problem until today is NETANYAHU and his million or so blind worshippers who give Hamas the free hand to do as they wish.

  15. “THE JUDGE says: Can islam be considered a religion?”

    May I ask, if Eliyahu Hanavi himself appeared to you and pointed at someone and told you 100% testimony that said person is M’zera Amalek

    According to our holy Torah, you would be obligated to end his life

    And so I ask you, Can Judaism be considered a religion?

  16. To frishe kigel

    Which gedolim allowed you to waste your life on the internet posting comments on news sites????????????????

  17. @THE JUDGE,
    I wouldn’t call it that, it is more like an uncontrolable bunch of molesters, ra***ts, did you see the video?
    It was not that tzniusdik, but before I cut it off I heard the disgusting, gut wrenching comment by one of those evil creatures about the looks of one of the girls and her looks, and that she was a good candidate to become pregnant..
    You have to realise that is what islam is based on, committing jihad apparently gives you 70 virgins in heaven as reward, that is what these barbaric bullet-in-their-head deserving evils deserve.

  18. I would keep this video online. I sympathize with concerns about modesty but the world needs to see the actions of the Nazi-like savages.

  19. Only selfish eirev rav could conclude from this footage that we have to return to the negotiating table. It should lead any true oheiv Yisrael to conclude that the only way to solve the problem of the existence of those sand vermin is to wipe their entire population off the face of Earth.

  20. A war is not an excuse to transgress tznius, and violate the privacy of a bas isroel. This needs to be taken down.

  21. You know, we talk, from time to time, about galut Jews, those of you sitting in America surrounded by your bubble of superiority. But, here I see evidence of it. You care more about protecting “your precious neshamot” than you do about the suffering of our people. Probably you don’t see us as part of your people, since you sit there in your ivory towers and wait for Moshiach to come and sweep you up in the time machine while we do the work of laying the ground for Moshiach here in Eretz Israel. For us, we are conscious and in pain about this every single day. But the comments here screaming that YWN should take down the video is proof. I suppose if YWN were around during the Shoah and had photos or video you would also have been screaming about it, that the photos not be shown, not that they were starving and gassing our people to death. Shame on you!

  22. dvorahtut: You are wrong! Every yid sympathises with the hostages and davens for them. Whatever we can do we do! But why do we have to be faced with the horrifying images of those behamas! And hear their sickening conversations! It lessens the sensitivities of the viewers. You actually lose by watching it. You gain nothing for yourself or the hostages.
    I myself would not watch it. Neither would I watch nazi atrocities! I ask again: what for?
    Sure send it to the goyim to watch but NOT FROM THIS SITE!!

  23. A news site has an obligation to report the news. Hence, all the footage of the atrocities committed by Hamas יש”ו שר”י must be accessible for the civilized world to see. Otherwise, these monstrous enemies of the human race as well as their vicious, imbecilic supporters can make the claim that the atrocities never happened.

    As the child of Holocaust survivors, I fully agree with Rocky, wackyway, concernedJew 2, and dvorahrut. Should we ban the photos of our people זצוק”ל נוחם עדן standing in line for their turn to be machine gunned into pits at Babi Yar? Should we ban the photos of our beloved brothers and sisters זצוק”ל ד’ יקום דמם furtively taken by the Sonderkommando at Auschwitz because of צניעות issues? How ridiculous.


  24. @wackyway,
    maybe you want to explain, but I tried rereading, and understood that you are equating Islam to judaism in one way or the other (ch”v), equating a Mitzva that is rarely heard of in history, let alone not a known occurence at all now-a-days, to a deeply entrenched sick mindset that is not just steep in, but I’d go as far to say, solely based and made of lust for giluy aroyos….
    But, I am assuming you did mean something else entirely that I am missing, especially after reading your other comments, so maybe you can explain?

  25. “A news site has an obligation to report the news.”

    Mideoraysa? Derabanan? Where is this halacha discussed?

  26. I have been looking at these comments on this website for years.
    Im wondering who makes the comments? Seems to me mostly board insensitive ppl that hide behind frumkite but have no real das Torah at all.
    The comments can really be upsetting on here.

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