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TRAGEDY IN BEIT SHEMESH: 2-Year-Old Nifter After Being Mistakenly Left In Hot Car For Hours

Mourning struck the community of Beit Shemesh on Wednesday, as news spread of the tragic death of two-year-old Noa Abitbol a”h, the daughter of Rabbi Alexander Elkana Abitbol and his wife Naama.

According to reports, Noa was inadvertently left in a hot car on Rechov Rabi Brachya for hours. She was found unresponsive and was rushed to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, where doctors attempted resuscitation but unfortunately failed to revive her.

A MDA spokesmen reported receiving a call at 2:07 p.m. local time about a toddler who had been left in a closed car for an extended period. MDA medics and paramedics provided medical treatment and transported Noa to the hospital in critical condition, performing CPR en route.

Medics described the scene, saying, “We arrived and saw a two-year-old girl unconscious with signs of heat stroke. She was very warm to the touch, and we gave her medical treatment, including cooling and advanced resuscitation operations.”

The heart-wrenching levaya was held at the Shamgar funeral home, followed by Kevura on Har Hamenuchos.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Why aren’t car locking systems sensitized to notice someone inside 🚗 like they are sensitized to notice a car 🔑 left inside car?

  2. Of course there is NO words to describe the pain and grief the family is going thru loosing their loved child. I think its time the ASkunim in every city, town ,shtetel should have ONE Hatzoloh,Shomrim , Chavyrim, Shmira car driving around town and announcing on a loud speaker reminding drivers parents to be aware of kids left behind in the car..Every Heimishe newspaper,magazine and radio station should devote a section of ONE page with a warning reminder to be aware the HOT summers days are here and we must be extra cautious paying attention to our precious babies,children .
    May hashem comfort those heart broken parents and we may never hear any tragedies again…

  3. Baruch Dayan HaEmes. I have been reading about these tragic deaths of the toddlers for years now…and it is still happening. I thought by now, checking the kid in the back seat would be automatic, just like putting the seat belt on. I can’t wrap my head around it. The parents’ pain must be absolutely unbearable. May Hashem shield us from the harm.

  4. So sad; BD”E! The Zionist paradise has lots of old cars that don’t alert the driver about exactly this, unlike most cars made in the past decade or more.

  5. @HaKatan what does this have to do with zionism. Until this day very few cars sold come with such a sensor. I think it should be required more than the stupid mobileye thing that is currently required in Israel. Its also possible to buy a sensor to put in any older car.

  6. @HaKatan,
    I want to know why just like the car beeps an alarm when the seatbelt isn’t on, there should be an alarm for when leaving the car, and the same sensor feels that there still is a passenger sitting there (given it would be hard and there are many technicals, but is there not a possibility…?)

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