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NEW INFO: Hamas Ammunition Caused The Massive Fire In Rafah

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said on Tuesday that the massive fire that broke out at a tent camp in Rafah was most likely the result of a large amount of ammunition in a Hamas building where two commanders were killed by an IDF airstrike on Sunday.

Hagari presented a conversation between two Gazan residents that was held after the fire broke out.

“It’s an ammunition warehouse,” one resident said, adding that “the Jews’ strike wasn’t strong. It was a small missile, it didn’t create a large crater. Large secondary explosions began afterward.”

Hagari added that the airstrike was carried out over a kilometer from the humanitarian area where Rafah residents were evacuated. Additionally, the strike was carried out with two small munitions with 17-kilogram warheads in order to avoid civilian casualties. Hagari said the IDF used these missiles dozens of times during the current war without inflicting harm on bystanders. “We used these missiles to hit terrorists without harming civilians in the next room or apartment.”

The IDF is continuing the investigation to gain an understanding of how the fire spread to the tent camp housing evacuated Gazan civilians.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Both senior terrorists were released in the Shalit deal. How many innocent Yidden got killed as a result? Now there is pressure to repeat that mistake…

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