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Nikki Haley Writes “FINISH THEM” On IDF Tank Shell On Visit To Israel

Former U.S. presidential candidate Nikki Haley was photographed writing “Finish Them” on an Israeli shell during her visit to sites near the northern border with Lebanon.

The image was shared on X by Danny Danon, a member of the Israeli parliament and former ambassador to the United Nations, who accompanied Haley on the visit.

“‘Finish Them.’ This is what my friend, former ambassador Nikki Haley, wrote,” Danon stated in his post, which features Haley kneeling and writing on the shell with a purple marker.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Berish, I see that you’ve got too much free time on you hands….Instead of showing some harkaras hatov to an Oheves Yisrael, you’re correcting her grammar.
    Im kvar, maybe start with many of those posting comments here who can barely put a sentence together coherently, or spell correctly.

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