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COALITION CRISIS: Gafni: “If Chareidi Chinuch Funds Aren’t Transferred, We’re Quitting The Gov’t”

UTJ leader Moshe Gafni threatened on Wednesday to quit the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu if the funds promised for Chareidi chinuch during the coalition negotiations aren’t transferred.

Gafni is referring to funds for a program called “Ofek Chadash” which will increase the notoriously low salaries of Chareidi teachers.

Gafni issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon, saying: “If the issue of Chareidi teachers isn’t solved, the government will dissolve.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Gafni told Netanyahu that he will quit his position as chairman of the Knesset’s Finance Committee if the matter is not resolved by the end of the month, in two days. In addition, the UTJ party issued a statement saying that the other MKs who serve as heads of Knesset committees or ministers will quit their positions as well if the matter is not resolved.

The Finance Ministry has delayed the transfer of the funds, claiming that the delay is due to the petitions filed against the budget for Chareidi chinuch to the Supreme Court. However, Gafni said that no petitions were filed against the funds for Chareidi kindergarten teachers but nevertheless, those funds have not been transferred.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Not only are they not fighting during this war but they are willing to bring down the government for their own self-interests. This attitude of righteousness is what caused the churban.

  2. if not for yeshivas protecting the Zionists and their secular and decadent ways they would have lost long ago, and this is the tinokos shel rabin, WE are the zchus for the Zionists.

  3. What will they accomplish by overthrowing the govt? @tommorow: This was said about Zecharia be Avkilos – which had an oissue with halacha – when the kohanim wanted to bring the kurban tothe alter.

    Reb Yochanon be Zakai was actually trying to appease the Romans but and didn’t ask about Jerusalem. Talmud does answer for him – he knew that the king wouldn’t agree to that option. Nobody accuses him for the destruction – rather – accuse the zeliots, which were – the biryonim and secrukin (from the tzedokim) – which caused the churban.

    I agree that breaking the government is at BESTa threat but it wouldn’t help with the cause. I don’t agree with the premise that their request is outragous though. It’s the “right” government that won; how can you say that the right government shouldn’t satisfy the religious group? Can’t have it both ways…

  4. tomorrow:
    Not only are the Jews not allowing themselves to be shmaded by the Zionists in the Zionists’ anti-Jewish shmad army, but they are also demanding that the Zionists not starve them by paying their nursery teachers as a normal country would. The Zionists and their “State” ARE the churban, without which we would have had the geulah long ago.

  5. @tomorrow, if there is a coalition agreement, why is it called self-interest and an attitude of righteousness to demand that it is kept? These teachers get a fraction of the salary that the secular and religious-Zionist teachers get. If they are part of the coalition and are treated disloyally as if they are non-partners, why should they be suckers?
    Don’t generalize when you say “they” are not serving when so recently, quite a few Netzach Yehuda chareidi soldiers paid with their lives, but that’s not the point.

  6. We both know it is disingenuous to point to the recent deaths and claim that is proof of equal representation.

  7. If he forces new election, there is a high chance the new government will cut off all funding to Hareidi institutions and strictly enforce conscription. No one will take him seriously.

  8. @tomorrow, we all know that the punishment for violating Shabbos is death. If a secular Israeli man violates Shabbos all his life, then goes to his Army and dies there, isn’t that Justice Manifest?

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