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HY’D: 2 IDF Soldiers Murdered In Terror Attack Near Shechem, 1 Soldier Falls In Gaza

The IDF released for publication on Thursday morning that two IDF soldiers were killed in the ramming attack near Shechem on Wednesday evening and a third soldier was killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

The ramming attack occurred at an IDF checkpoint near Shechem. As IDF soldiers were checking cars, the terrorist sped to the front of the line and rammed into two soldiers. He then immediately turned around and drove toward Shechem. Shortly later, he turned himself into the Palestinian police.

According to a preliminary investigation, the ramming attack occurred in seconds and the soldiers had no time to respond by opening fire.

The two soldiers murdered in the attack were identified as Staff Sgt. Eliya Hilel HY’D, 20, from Tel Zion, and Staff Sgt. Diego Shvisha Harsaj HY’D, 20, from Tel Aviv. Both served in the Kfir Brigade.

Scene of the attack. (Rescuers Without Borders)
IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi at the scene of the attack. (IDF spokesperson)

The soldier who fell in battle in northern Gaza on Wednesday was identified as Staff Sgt. Yedidya Azugi HY’D, 21, from the yishuv of Revava.

Their deaths raise the death toll of soldiers killed since October 7th to 642, including 291 soldiers who lost their lives in the ground war in Gaza.

In addition, two soldiers were seriously injured in combat in the southern Gaza Strip. All soldiers were evacuated for medical treatment, and their families have been informed.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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