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MI KIAMCHA YISROEL: Crowd Greets Injured IDF Soldier In Five Towns [SEE VIDEO]

A heartwarming scene unfolded at Five Towns Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Monday as a large crowd gathered to welcome Yonatan, an IDF soldier who had been grievously wounded in the Gaza Strip. Yonatan suffered severe injuries and underwent initial surgery in Israel, but due to the overwhelming number of casualties from the war, his necessary follow-up surgeries were put on hold.

In a remarkable display of compassion, a doctor at Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, NJ, learned of Yonatan’s situation and generously offered to take him on as a patient. Now, as Yonatan requirs rehabilitation, Five Towns Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center was contacted and kindly agreed to admit him.

Hatzalah was contacted and arranged for an ambulance to transport Yonatan to the rehab facility, while Achiezer coordinated a joyous gathering to welcome him.

The crowd that gathered at Five Towns Premier included community members, local leaders, and supporters, all eager to show their appreciation and support for Yonatan’s service and sacrifice.

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  1. ok, so the IDF has money to make a war, but NO MONEY or time or manpower or facilities to treat the wounded soldiers?? how messed up is THAT???

  2. the IDF has money and whatever else is need to send ppl to war but NO MONEY or time or facilities or manpower to heal the wounded??? How messed up is that?

  3. Neighbor: Right now, long-term rehab efforts are being coordinated with shorter-term emergency triage efforts. Even with all the NIS being allocated to military hospitals, and civilian hospitals trying to handle the overflow along with many still hospitalized victims of October 7th, the resources of a small country are strechted to the limits. Most discretionary civilian surgeries have been postponed for months.

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