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HY’D: Four IDF Soldiers Killed, 7 Wounded, When Booby-Trapped Building Collapses In Rafah

The military has announced that four Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday by an explosion in a booby-trapped building in Rafah, southern Gaza.

The fallen soldiers are:

– Maj. Tal Pshebilski Shaulov HY’D, 24, from Gedera
– Staff Sgt. Eitan Karlsbrun HY’D, 20, from Modiin
– Sgt. Almog Shalom HY’D, 19, from Hamadia
– Sgt. Yair Levin HY’D, 19, from Givat Harel

They all served in the Givati Brigade’s reconnaissance unit.

An initial IDF investigation reveals that the troops had thrown an explosive device into a suspicious home in Rafah’s Shaboura neighborhood to trigger any possible traps. When there was no immediate blast, they entered the three-story building. As two soldiers entered, it exploded, causing part of the building to collapse on some of the soldiers. A tunnel shaft found inside the home suggests it likely belonged to a Hamas operative.

In addition to the four soldiers killed, another seven were wounded, including five seriously, according to the IDF.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. I guess Bibi decided its worth sacrificing young men to die so that Biden is happy and not bombing terrorists buildings. BIBI has ALOT ALOT of Jewish blood on his hands, he will have a lot to answer for upstairs.

  2. Netanyahu and the left humanize the terrorist population calling them “civilians ” . They try to minimize the deaths of these so-called “civilians ” because Jew haters globally “care so much” about these “civilians” so they can’t chalilah antagonize these haters… so what can Netanyahu and the left do? They let IDF soldiers get killed to appease the haters ( regardless, it doesn’t turn the haters into lovers). A responsible government cares about their own people, soldiers included, and bombs terrorists from air as much as possible to minimize the risk to their soldiers. Here they put the sheidim terrorist lives first.

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