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8 MONTHS LATER: Body Found At The Gaza Border Area

A dead body was discovered by a civilian on Thursday morning near the Gaza border during construction work in the Sha’ar HeNegev area.

The body, which was found in an advanced stage of decomposition and is believed to have been there since October 7th, was transferred to the Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine.

There were fierce battles on October 7th in the area where the body was found. There is one Israeli who is still listed as missing and whose fate was never discovered. On the other hand, the body could be a Hamas terrorist who was killed during the battles.

Later on Thursday, Hebrew media reports reported more information indicating that the body was that of a Hamas terrorist. A shirt was found on the body with writing in Arabic, along with boots, cartridges, two stun grenades, military pants, and a military vest.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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