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WATCH THIS: Pro-Palestinian Activists Breach, Vandalize Israeli Defense Firm’s UK Facility

A group of pro-Palestinian activists, identifying themselves as Palestine Action, claimed on Monday to have infiltrated a “highly secured” facility of Instro Precision, a subsidiary of Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems, in Kent, England. The activists vandalized the property, damaging computers and machinery.

According to a statement posted on social media, accompanied by a video, three activists in red jumpsuits entered the facility by cutting through three security fences. The footage shows the activists using crowbars to destroy computers and hurling supplies across the room.

Instro Precision, acquired by Elbit Systems in 2014, specializes in precision instruments and military targeting systems.

The activists claimed to have dismantled machinery, technology, and parts used to arm Israel’s military, which they referred to as the “Gaza genocide.”

The breach and vandalism are the latest in a series of actions by Palestine Action, a group known for its direct action protests against Israel.

Elbit Systems and Instro Precision have yet to comment on the incident, but an investigation is likely to be launched into the breach of security and the damage caused to the facility.

Meanwhile, police said they had made seven arrested related to the break-in and vandalism.

Separately, ten activists associated with Palestine Action were arrested after a Scotiabank branch in London was sprayed with red paint and its doors blocked.

The bank was targeted because the pro-Palestinian activists say its subsidiary asset management fund 1832 Asset Management holds shares in the Israeli arms company Elbit.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. really really disgusting that this is considered some sort of “protest”.
    but in reality it is criminal.
    hope the police catch them.

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