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WATCH: IDF Airstrike Kills Senior Hezbollah Terrorist In Southern Lebanon

The IDF announced today that it has successfully eliminated a key operative in the Rocket and Missile Department of Hezbollah’s Nasser Unit in southern Lebanon. Muhammad Mustafa Ayoub, a senior terrorist involved in promoting and planning attacks against Israeli civilians and communities, was struck and killed by an Israeli fighter jet in the area of Selaa.

According to the IDF, Ayoub had been actively involved in terror activities over the past few months, posing a significant threat to Israeli security. His elimination is part of the IDF’s ongoing efforts to disrupt Hezbollah’s military build-up and prevent the stockpiling of weapons intended for use in terror attacks against Israeli civilians and communities.

In a separate operation earlier Monday, IAF fighter jets targeted Hezbollah terror infrastructure and a military structure in the area of Meiss El Jabal in southern Lebanon.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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