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HISTORIC: 6 Leading Gedolim From Eretz Yisroel To Visit America In Effort To Raise $100 Million For Yeshivos

This coming week will see a historic joint visit to the United States by six of the leading contemporary gedolei hador from Eretz Yisroel, who are making an arduous trip to America to raise desperately needed funds for yeshivos and kollelim in Eretz Hakodesh.

The visit by the gedolim – Rav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, Rav Yaakov Hillel, Rav Don Segal, Rav Dov Landau, the Rachmastrivker Rebbe and Rav Avraham Salim – comes after the Israeli government instituted massive funding cuts to yeshivos and kollelim in April, leaving a gaping hole in the finances of Torah institutions across Eretz Yisroel.

More specifically, the government cut roughly $107 million (393,245,616 shekel) in stipends disbursed to yeshivos and kollelim over the next year, necessitating this trip to America, where the roshei yeshiva will attempt to raise those funds from machzikei torah.

The trip will commence on Motzei Shabbos, with the gedolim landing in New York on Sunday morning. They will be in the US for approximately three days, leading a whirlwind fundraising tour of Jewish communities in seven cities: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Monsey, the 5 Towns, Lakewood, Deal and Toronto.

The majority of events the gedolim will attend are expected to be closed-door, although there may be limited opportunities for the wider public to see and hear from them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Moshe1994,

    I posed this same question when YWN recently posted about this historic upcoming fundraiser. I thought American gevirim didn’t have money 🤔

  2. The money is in the community, it is just being directed to the wrong places. If the Roshei Yeshiva can somehow convince the gevirim and even semi-gevirim on a few luxuries, they could probably raise the money without a problem

  3. Netanyahu had agreed several years ago to submit a plan in response to multiple court decisions to address some form military or alternative public service for ALL students. He repeatedly failed to meet self-imposed deadlines for submitting the required plan and introduce the associated laws for Knesset passage because of internal coalition politics. The Court gave Netanyahu multiple extensions, but he was unwilling to risk pushback from coalition partners. So beginning in April, the government made a political decision to stop paying stipends for students who had reached the age for enlistment but declined to serve.

  4. $100 Million?? exactly like Rocky said. If Gevirm stop making fancy wedding and parties. Cut the vacations, private jets, and fancy dinners out. Maybe they can do something, but American Yeshivas & Bais Yaacovs, are having a hard time paying their Rebbes & Morahs on time.

  5. What takes priority, a girls’ yeshiva in the US whose parent body works two jobs but is having trouble keeping its doors open or schools in EY, much of whose parent body refuses even to try and pay for their childrens’ chinnuch?

  6. Rav Elyashov said Yerushalayim has a ein if aniyei ircha.

    Gevirim don’t have to cut down on any luxuries they have plenty of money. It’s just not easy to give when it makes a significant dent.. Lifum Tzara Agrah

  7. No, we don’t ask Gevirim to stop making fancy weddings etc. there are more than a 100 gevirim around the world who have an extra £m invested, they can easily part [no sorry TAKE] for their Olam Habo. But if you divide the £100m not by 100 but 10’000 people with substantial assets, obviously the figure per person gets smaller and more affordable.

  8. What shtusim, the stimulus checks , child care get and ppp plus…pumped more than a billion with a BEIS in the frum tri state yet klal Yisrael still needs more, fancy chasunas is nothing compared to the cost of the word summer to the frum comunity

  9. 100 mil? There are sooo many individuals and good parents are struggling financially. So many yetomin and almanus are struggling in america . And barely some organization try to help them . I think 100mil can go a long way for these people and families who have to pay high tuitions to send their children to Jewish school than giving it to yeshivot in Israel . Hundreds of Millions of dollars are going every year to shuls and yeshivot . We stopped thinking about individuals . It’s time to prioritize

  10. I am not a fundraiser, but literally I approached few wealthy people I know who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to shuls and yeshivot to try to help an Almana who I knew personally needs parnassa in America. The most they have was 126$. And this guy all of the sudden donates 500k or mil just because they will put his name on the wall . It’s a shame . We need to think about individuals

  11. I’m dismayed reading some of these comments. Yes, there may be wealthy people who can afford to give large amounts without batting an eye. But why only look to them? Do you want no part in this? Hashem looks at what we’re capable of, and what we do relative to that. So you can’t donate a million dollars – but $100 for you may be even tougher than a rich man giving the million!
    If this is important to you, donate what you can, even if it’s just a small amount. The money ultimately comes from Hashem, and if he sees us all passing it off to the wealthy, how do you think he’d look at us in the future?

  12. GadolHatorah
    Ur everything BUT.
    You’re always the devels advocate but its easier with Israelis cuz ALL are devils.
    Bibi the GadolHador was supposed to be the best thing for all the gedolim screaming ג׳
    A sham! We knew it.
    All these R”Y are gonna suck the US dry now. Somehow Satmar managed to stay free from the stinken money and their מוסדות are blooming. Cuz its money not from tainted hands.
    The holy Satmar Rebbe Zatzal was right once again.

  13. Miriam,

    Once again you’re here anytime it’s got something to do with Israel. Just do YOURSELF and your family a favor. Don’t chas v’shalom bash out gedolim! Just don’t go there you mechutzaf!
    As a start, as many keep pointing out to you – your holy Satmar Rebbes (and they are/were) say that the internet is absolutely assur. Only for business is it allowed. Don’t pick and choose when to be holier than thou Satmarer Rebbetzin.
    We can have dialogue but when you speak about our gedolim in a derogatory way, that’s a red line. Assuming you are a Satmarer (probably false assumption) let me remind you – your Rebbes are not the only gedolim in Klal Yisroel. After 120 you will need to answer for your lack of kavod for gedolim. I don’t envy you. So stop while you’re at it.

  14. The Gedolei HaTorah are true Royalty, מאן מלכי? רבנן, who are the true Kings? The Rabonon! These are our Kings!

    Which is why I find it unsettling to see the greatest of our Gedolei HaTorah, coming like meshulochim to schnor money from the המון עם, the simple folk in their mansions.

    Shouldn’t the המון עם be summoned for the honor of visiting Royalty in their palaces of Torah in EY?

    True, רבי מכבד עשירים, Rabi Yehuda HaNosi would honor the wealthy (even if they were impoverished of Torah wealth), but he wouldn’t chase after their money.

    Is this kovod HaTorah?!

    How will the loot be divvied up among all the Eretz Yisroel Yeshivos and Kollelim? Six Gedolim, collecting $100 Million, that’s a lot of money to be FAIRLY divided. Who will oversee this? It sure won;’t be the Gedolim! They will go back to their learning and a full time crew will be needed. Who will be accountable?

    Will they share the loot with Breslov? Chabad? Sefardi/Temani? or are they not part of the “Olom HaTorah”? Who qualifies and who is michutz l’machaneh haTorah?

    Is it strictly an old boy’s club?! Too many details are missing!!!

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