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ADDING FUEL TO FIRE: Hezbollah Blocks Access To Airport Cargo Area During Tour To “Debunk” Shocking Report

A planned tour of Beirut airport, intended to debunk allegations of Hezbollah weapons storage, was disrupted when reporters and cameramen were denied access to a cargo-handling area. The tour, arranged by Lebanon’s Transport Ministry, aimed to refute claims that Hezbollah has stockpiled weapons from Iran at the airport, including ballistic missiles and other armaments – but only added fuel to the fire.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah-affiliated Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamieh, had invited journalists and ambassadors to prove that “there is nothing to hide.” However, during the tour, only diplomats were allowed to enter a cargo-handling building due to “organizational issues,” leaving dozens of journalists waiting outside in the heat.

The incident has raised further questions about Hezbollah’s activities at the airport, despite Minister Hamieh’s earlier dismissal of the allegations as “ridiculous.” The failed tour has only added to the controversy, with many left wondering what the ministry has to hide.

The allegations, first published by The Telegraph, claimed that Hezbollah has stored weapons, including ballistic missiles, unguided artillery rockets, and laser-guided anti-tank guided missiles, as well as a highly explosive and toxic white powder known as RDX, at the airport.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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