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Rav Litzman is Being Protected Following Election

It has been confirmed that MK Rav Yaakov Litzman has been assigned round-the-clock security following his opposition of Meir Porush in the Jerusalem mayoral race.

The Knesset security officer has assigned security for Litzman, who is in hiding in Yerushalayim with bodyguards escorting him following a number of incidents on Election Day, including one in which rocks were thrown at him.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

5 Responses

  1. Yankel Litzman should do Klal Yisroel a favor and stay in hiding permanently. It is time that the Agudah has an MK that represents not just Ger, but all of the chareidim ,

  2. litzman should be praised for defending the gerrer rebbe’s honor.

    about the people who are attacking him we probably should apply chazal “hakina …vihakavod motziyin et h’adam min haolam” !! what a pity! what a chillul hashem.

  3. eli lev: supporting a secular canidate, against the wishes of the gedolim is a chillul hashem. the gerrer rebbe is one man and not all the gedolim. “hakina …vihakavod”.. that your taina? he was defending the HONOR of the rebbe! you people are so blind, you see the rebbe as a substitute for halacha and all the gedolim. in your book there is only one godol!

  4. to #4

    1] im not a gerrer.

    2]if i would be in jlm & able to vote, i would have voted for porush bec. thats what harav elyashiv & other gedolim said to do.[being in a situation of choose the less of 2 evils.]

    3]i still await porush’s repentence & bakoshas mechila from rav elyashiv, [as reprtedly he said he would do.]

    4] litsman is gerrer chasid & should therfore follow his rebbes wishes, stated verbally or non verbally.

    5]those people who attacked litsman physically, did not have any backing of any gedolim to do so. i strongly suspect the attacks were not out of true kanois but an expression of chazal hakina …vihakovod motsiyin et h’adam min haolam.

    hope this has clarified my earlier comment for u.
    please respond.

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