There Are Those Who are ‘Qvelling’ Over Porush Defeat


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14.jpgThere are those in Yerushalayim who are not satisfied with Meir Porush’s election defeat, but feel the need to add salt to the wound.

“Ashrecha Rav Meir” and “His Honor Does not Give Mechila” read posters around the Jewish capital following the election, including a photo of Maran Rav Y.S. Elyashiv Shlita. Posters are being distributed under the names “The Anti Porush Campaign” and “The Kovod HaTorah Campaign”.

There are those who defend the tenacious campaign against the only chareidi candidate, proudly expounding they are compelled to act to defend  the honor of Gedolei Hador Shlita, but they do not really have much to say regarding the honor of and dignity of Yerushalayim, the capital of the Jewish People which was left abandoned in the name of all that is right.

Supporters of Porush are still licking the wounds of defeat, explaining this is a pristine example of ‘winning the battle and losing the war’, not to mention the chilul Hashem resulting in the defeat and the media frenzy surrounding the chareidi defeat in the Holy City.

It will take time to really begin to appreciate the magnitude of the defeat, knowing with absolute certainty that the mayor-elect is known to be a most capable individual, but nevertheless, not a member of the ‘heimishe community’.

Perhaps the great toll resulting from the election is sudden and exponential spread of sinas chinum that further highlights the split in the various factions, Litvish/Chassidish, and of course the various chassidim and their Admorim Shlita.

For Yerushalayim’s chareidi community there are lessons to be learned, but this would first require cheshbon nefesh, not finger pointing, so in essence, the anti and pro-Porush camps will continue hiding behind kovod ha’torah, thereby justifying their actions.

It would appear the only event that actually unites us is the terror attacks perpetrated by our true enemies. When the Number 2 bus exploded on its way from the Kosel, Zaka volunteers did not search the pockets of victims to determine their party affiliation. The orphans are will to accept assistance from any political party and the disabled are struggling to rebuild their lives, no longer among the privileged, compelled to struggle and unable to push reality aside to engage in ‘kovod ha’torah’, pushing aside the good of Am Yisrael under the guise of ‘kovod ha’torah’.

In less than three months, the nation will embark on general elections, for a new prime minister and Knesset. Undoubtedly, the fiasco of this week will have a direct impact, but more importantly, the chareidi community will have a chance to return to the scene of the last failure and implement a ‘tikun’. The coming weeks will be crucial ones as the factions of Agudas Yisrael will be compelled to begin weighing general election realities, and this will be the best indicator of what is in store for today’s chareidi community in Eretz Yisrael.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Chareidim participating in Zionist elections, that’s the real chillul Hashem,.

    I’m proud to say I threw my voting card in the trash, as per the instructions of maronon verabbonon the Badatz shlita.

  2. The current PM started as the mayor too. Look what happened to him. Chareidim should stay out of politics. It corrupts. Now it seems he wants to give the arabs more than even Obama would. It’s funny that a PM of Israel is worse for Israel than anyone else.

  3. Mr. Breslauer,

    I’m impressed with your zealous adherence to the instructions of maronon verabbonon the Badatz shlita regarding voting.

    Are you equally as zealous in adhering to their position on surfing the internet?

  4. This is nothing to do with Kovod HaTorah. Kovod HaTorah is to have a Shomrei Torah UMitzvos as the Mayor rather than a Poshei Yisroel.
    This is only about Money. Lots of money that the Gerrer wanted forthemselfs and a Tzzadik like Reb Meir Porush stood up to the Gerrer, so 100’s of extra kinderlach can now be enrolled in proper chadorim!

    The Gerrer started of with taking which wasn’t theirs, and aveiro gorreras aveiro – R”L Giving over our ‘Ir Hakodesh’ to the chilonim.

    Hashem Yerachem for this terrible chillul Hashem of money and kovod.
    Time for Moshiach.

  5. mr breslauer: you are a hypocrite to the worst degree. you are a pick and chose jew, or otherwise known as reform! the only difference they at least wear their stripes proudly. you try to pass off for a chareidi!

  6. There have been numerous articles on this website pointing the finger at various factions for Rav Porush’s defeat.
    However, it is important to note that had even all UTA factions voted for Porush he still would not have won.
    For me the lessons are two-fold:
    1. The internal in-fighting caused a huge Chilul Hashem and needs to be addressed ASAP
    2. The non charedei public in Yerushalayim came out in force to prevent a charedi candidate as they were scared. Maybe we need to start building bridges with our fellow Yidden therby creating more ahava and respect. Comments like “chilul hashem to participate in Zionist elections” don’t exactly help bring the Moschiah nearer.
    The out-going mayor try to build bridges and created a Kiddush Hashem – lets try and follow his example

    Shabbat Shalom From Yerushalayim

  7. Let it be known that Harav Hagaon Eliyashev Shlit”a wrote a letter to be put in the Yated (E.Y.) that is very critical of Mayer Porush. He states that he only supported Porush by the elections so there should not be split in the chareidi world, causing chilul hashem. But, he writes he never approved him as a candidate, nor did he ask any gedolim if he should run. He also states, had Porush asked him if he should run, he would have told him not to run, we already have a chareidi mayor and would win again if he had run for another term. He also mentions that Porush didn’t listen to him last year during the election in Beitar. And at the he also says that Porush is not worthy of being in public office in the future since he does not consult with gedoilim what he does.
    In today’s Yated there is an article very critical of Porush, However, Harav Hagaon Eliyashev Shlit”a demands, that since he is responsible of what is written in the Yated, and that the letter is put in.

  8. Mr. Breslauer

    Most Gedolim tell people to vote. However many caution the use of internet. You can’t play both sides.

    On the other hand, Porush will have to learn how to. The Charedim, like the Republicans here, should plan for the next election and how to build alliances to re-elect Lupulanski.

  9. why did Ger oppose him? does anybody know? so far it looks bad that any machlokes should come out in the open. meanwhile American bochurim in E.I. are shterred from learning with all the tumull that is taking place and they aren’t used to these things, that surely is not a good thing

  10. Even following the Ger policy, (Even according to Daniel) what right is there to gloat afterwards?
    Where is the Ahavas Yisroel?
    This is what the brothers said after they sold Yosef “avol asiemim anachnu- when we didn’t hear his cries.” We were right but we sinned in not having rachmunos.
    Daniel where is your ahavas yisroel?

  11. Zaka volunteers NEVER EVER search the pockets of victims to determine their party affiliation, nor do they ever check tzitzis or how tzanuah a woman was in her life before finding every remain, every possible item that needs kevurah and dealing with all with derech eretz and kavod due to Hashem’s creations. We should all learn from them!
    Tavo aleyhem brachah.

  12. I wonder if the upcoming general election will be a chance for tikun.If we follow the Gerrer path there probably will be more than one AGUDAH! Each sector will choose their own affiliate and the entire future of the chareidim will be doomed.But if we stand up like true torah human beings and proclaim that we will not repeat such a selfish and disgusting act we might stand a chance.Hoping for the best,

  13. I think Klalal Yisroel has missed the point in all of this. So much Loshen Horah……anger, down right hate. This combination is not what Hashem is looking for. With what do we now have to come to Hashem and ask for Moshiach!!!!
    No one seems to know the real reasoning as to what happened. Perhaps that’s should be the priority.

  14. I totally agree with #18. One thing Hashem hates the most is sinas chinam, which I feel is impeding the coming of Moshiach. Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, may he have a refuah shleima soon, back in June encouraged is son and the son of Rav Ovadia Yosef to form another party, and to appoint a leader with Yiras Shamyaim. He felt that this middah is lacking in the leaders of today’s religious parties.

    Read the following story about the BST. I found this story on a chassidish website: “Once when the Baal Shem Tov was travelling on the road, he stepped into a wooded area to pray the afternoon prayer. His disciples were dumbfounded to see him hitting his head against a tree, crying and screaming. Afterward, they asked him what had happened. He explained that he had seen, with Divine inspiration, that in the generations before the coming of the Moshiach there would be a multitude of rabbis, and that they would be the very ones who would impede the redemption. (Otzar Chayim”

  15. Whilst I personally disagreed with running Porush as the chareidi candidate for many reasons (check YWN Coffee Room – Porush (NOT) for Mayor), I actually “held my nose” and voted for him thereby following the request of my Rabbonim.

    Barkat beat Porush by about 19,000 votes (9-10% of the valid votes) so even if ALL the Gerrers with their wives and children voted Barkat (something extremely unlikely) that would total about 4000 votes only.

    In certain litvish areas such as Sorotzkin, Ezras Torah and Beit Vegan there were surprisingly large numbers of Barkat votes and even larger numbers of either blank slips or “Kovod HaTorah” papers (invalid votes) so the blame is also largely directed to the litvish community. From the Dati Leumi areas, Porush did as expected and the chiloni turnout was much higher than last time, another problem for Porush.

    Understandably the Yated points the blame at Ger but in fact there is a strong feeling of anxiety in the higher echelons of Degel HaTorah that the community no longer follows blindly behind the Kol Koreh from the Gedolim. Until recently the askonim could rely on the support of the rank and file chareidim at elections as long as they had the necessary endorsements of the Rabbonim. It mattered little whether the candidate was popular or successful. These elections (and similarly the one last year in Betar) have shown that the chareidi populace has been influenced by the chilonim and each man does what he wants. Porush was unpopular in many circles (besides Ger) and this was reflected in the results. Rav Eliashiv, Rav Steinman and Rav Kanievsky all personally signed letters calling for full support for Porush but this didnt have the desired effect.

    Another proof of this change is the success of the “Tov” parties. This began in Betar last year and was continued in Bet Shemesh now. Tov is a breakaway party from Degel HaTorah mainly consisting of working families who suffer from difficulties getting their children into good schools and yeshivos because they work. It is mainly litvish with some modern chassidim too, all who feel ostracised by the main Aguda/Degel parties and have joined up to be a recognized force and are running in local elections in their own way. They have almost no Rabbinical backing or support but have done surprisingly well both in Betar and now in Beit Shemesh. Some see this as a protest vote against the Aguda/Degel askonim who ignore the needs of the young working families and concentrate only on the Yeshivos/Kollelim crowds. Tov denies this and claims to be made up of local people who are only interested in the local city without any ambitions for furthering their careers in Knesset. Rav Steinman actually specially went to Beit Shemesh to speak out against this trend but it seems again to have been unsuccessful. Degel is petrified that they will continue their success in more cities and eventually stand as popular candidates for Knesset too.

    Many blame these trends on some of the popular weekly newspapers/magazines (Hamishpacha, Hashovua, Bakehilla etc.) who are not affiliated with any party nor do they have Rabbinical censorship like the Hamodia and Yated. These papers write anything and everything including all the behind the scenes loshon hora about what goes on between the askonim and between the Gedolim etc. This has created a feeling of distrust and coldness to the Gedolim and this has now reached active disobedience. Recently the Gedolim have attempted to warn of the dangers of these papers but the papers have succesfully deflected the criticism by blaming Yated for arranging these attacks for financial reasons as these papers are more popular and therefore are causing less advertisements and readers to turn to the Yated.

    The cheshbon hanefesh that is needed now is much deeper and worrying than the short-term disagreement with Ger, inside the kehillah there are major problems that are being ignored and this has now surfaced in these elections.

    HaShem, HaShem please help us now, to rebuild the emunas chachomim, to reunify all klal yisroel and thereby tobe zoche to Moshiach Tzidkenu

  16. Mr truehonesty, you are the one saying lashon hara against mishpacha and bakhilla. They have avaad rabbonim overseeing what goes in their papers. What’s wrong with that? people are sick and tired of the garbage from the aguda and degel establishments. They’re sick of being told their kids aren’t good enough for certain schools.
    We have a paradoxical situation where a volunteer for vaad limishmeres hatznius will attack a woman, and (I’m sorry to say it, but we’re getting to the point where someone will be killed), and then as a member of Zaka he’ll pick up the pieces.

  17. I appreciate your coments, Mr “Jewinjerusalem”, and I note your points. Your final sentence is so sadly true and I agree with your sentiments. About the newspapers in question, I would love to hear from you who is this vaad rabbonim that is supposed to oversee the contents. Maybe you know more than I do but it is universally accepted that they dont have anyone.
    As a side note, I met one of the owners of BaKehilla on Thursday (2 days after the elections) and I asked him why the BaKehilla is not out yet? He answered (jokingly) that the whole purpose of the paper was to bring about the fall of Meir Porush and that has now been achieved so no need for the paper!!! This owner is a resident of Betar and has a long cheshbon with Porush. This hardly sounds like rabbinical approval…..