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Ministers Continue Instigating Public Against Chevron Residents

mh1.jpgThe “quiet before the storm” perhaps describes the atmosphere in Chevron, Ir HaAvos today, as residents remain on guard, realizing security forces may make an appearance at any moment to execute the government’s decision to expel residents of Bet HaShalom, “The House of Conflict” as it is referred to in the mainstream media, another mild but effective method of de-legitimizing the legally purchased structure.

Despite the hard evidence, including a video showing the previous owner counting the money which he received, the Supreme Court of the State of Israel appears interested in advancing the government’s agenda, not true justice. Aware that it cannot turn its back on physical evidence and legal documentation, the court has totally ignored addressing the ownership issue, and has ordered the “settlers” out in a ‘noble decision’ which the court feels exhibits an air of fair play, instructing the state of remain overseer of the property until the dispute can be resolved.

In actuality, there is no dispute. The papers exist and the transaction was made. The dispute is a man-made one, that that may chas v’sholom lead to violence as security forces will be ordered into the Holy City to oust the Jews, another Amona, another Gush Katif, another N. Shomron, another Yamit. Once again, the government is providing the enemy with the knowledge that if he makes enough noise, he may use our own system against us, enabling him to claim a victory without firing a shot. This despite the repeated statements that over recent years our deterrence abilities have dropped – apparently not only on the battlefield, but in our own courtrooms.

One should take notice that among the opponents of Bet Shalom, and there are many, there are also some 50 MKs who signed a petition supporting the legal acquisition of the residents and Chevron Jewish community. Prominent personalities have expressed their support but perhaps what is painfully absent is a major showing of support from premier hopeful Binyamin Netanyahu, who possibly prefers not to become too involved as he works in earnest to portray himself as a centrist moderate, no longer to be identified with the inciters of the pre-Rabin assassination.

It should be remembered that while the documents were signed by [now President] Shimon Peres, Netanyahu, in his capacity as prime minister handed the Holy City over to the PA. He now surrounds himself with right-wing all-stars such a Moshe Ya’alon and Binyamin Begin, and he may even be the ‘most right-wing’ of the current options, but it appears he remains Bibi Netanyahu, with the gift of gab but painfully lacking in principles and ideology.

It is the same opposition leader who today refers to Moshe Feiglin as “an extremist”, working diligently to prevent him from entering Knesset under the Likud banner. It is the same Netanyahu who has yet to permit Effie Eitam to enter the Likud race, a retired IDF brigadier-general, a political hawk, a man who gave up much of his military career due to his insistence on displaying his yarmulke and his belief of a Greater Land of Israel, the foundation on which Netanyahu’s Likud was founded.

In Chevron, leaders of the community are working to calm the atmosphere. They are also seasoned in dealing with the realities of the sacrifice that has been demanded to maintain the minimum Jewish presence in the city. Since the renewed Jewish settlement in the city over 40 years ago, it has been an uphill battle and every government, right-wing and left-wing, has blocked efforts towards any major Jewish settlement of the Ir HaAvos. They are also aware that the day will come and the troops will come in and once again, it will be Jew against Jew and in such a scenario, no one wins.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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