Air Force Takes to the Skies of Gaza – Costly Shabbos in S. Israel


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**IAF UNLEASHES HELL IN GAZA** The IDF operation which began on Shabbos in Gaza is called ‘Cast Lead’. Southern Israel residents had a very difficult Shabbos, which included a fatality and injuries, as well as widespread property damage.

At least 80 fighter jets and combat helicopter gunships dropped bombs on many targets as ‘Cast Lead’ got underway shortly before 12:00pm on Shabbos. On motzei Shabbos, Hamas reported over 205 dead and hundreds wounded. Over 60 rockets have hit southern areas since Shabbos morning.

Kassam and Katyusha rockets were fired into Gaza-belt communities, the Greater Sderot Area, Ashkelon, Netivot, Ashdod and Ofakim. In Netivot, a woman was killed and two seriously injured when a rocket made a direct hit on their home. In Kibbutz Miftachim, a rocket struck a shul, injuring one person seriously and one light. MDA reported earlier that at least 40 people have already been treated for hysteria as a result of attacks. Sirens were also heard in Kiryat Gat, but it does not appear that rockets hit that city.

MDA Director-General Eli Bin has raised the emergency medical service’s operational level to the highest, a level 3, around the country, with about 80% of the organization’s ambulances manned with personnel and ready to respond to emergencies.

IDF Homefront officials are monitoring the situation and preparations are underway to open emergency storehouses as well as for the possibility of activating reserve duty forces. The Homefront is calling on all southern residents to realize the state of emergency, banning the congregation of large groups and calling on residents to remain near bomb shelters and safe rooms.

Hamas in Gaza continues to threaten to increase its attacks, vowing to strike at areas deeper into Israel, areas that have not been under attack in the past. Officials report Gaza hospitals are “collapsing” under the reality of the IDF assault, calling for blood donations as well as seeking support from the international community. There have already been calls from the international community for both Israel and Hamas to exercise restraint.

The response among the Israeli Arab community as well as PA (Palestinian Authority) residents in Yehuda Shomron is a violent one, as many expected.

There are reports of stormy protests and rioting in areas including eastern Jerusalem, Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara), and widespread rock-throwing attacks reported in areas throughout Yehuda and Shomron. In Nazareth, over 2,000 Arabs have gathered in protest and the numbers appear to be growing. Over 200 Arabs were rioting at Issawiya Checkpoint in eastern Yerushalayim.

Heavy rock-throwing was reported on the Hussan Bypass Road near Betar on motzei Shabbos, and at least one child was injured as a result. There were many reports of damage to vehicles.

Government officials have released statements, particularly Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who stated the operation will be expanded as the situation requires. Emergency treatment stations to address the growing number of hysteria victims have been established in four locations, including Ashkelon, Netivot and Sderot.

Assessors dealing with recording damage from attacks are operating and the national government promises that dealing with damage and repairs will be done as expeditiously as possible. A number has been established for residents to call for assistance. That number is 08-689-8153.

This article was written and posted on motzei Shabbos in Eretz Yisrael.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Why did they have to do this on “SHABBOS”? With the thousands of people who had to be Mechalel Shabbos for this operation do they expect heavenly assistance?

  2. I agree with #1 and 3 but let’s pray for no Israeli casualties. How long does israel have sit back and get racket attacks without fighting back

  3. Although the sages teach us that we must not be happy at the downfall of our enemies, I must admit it is a most difficult thing not to be glad that these animals have been snuffed out

  4. Moshiachs arrival is imminent, all the signs are pointing to it. Klal Yisroel must pull together b’achdus and with teshuva and tefilla and then we will be over the finishing line. Remember the Zohar about 32 days. Zois Chanuka is 32 days!

  5. to number 2 re shabbos Do you actually think that hamas cares about shabbos? this is clearcut pikuach nefesh do you know how many rocket attacks may have been stopped as a result of this? May Hashem help us and bring the geula bimheara without harsh chevlei leda

  6. #2 I think the bigger question is why you are questioning their timing. Don’t you think they chose their exact timing to maximise the chances of success? There are hundreds of intelligence items that had to fall into line before it could be launched. Instead of implying that they chose shabbos because they don’t care about desecrating shabbos, I’d suggest you would have done better saying Tehillim all day. You might also have looked at the Rambam who paskens that you go out and attack them on Shabbos, even if they are quibbling about “Kash v’Teven”.

    It’s one thing to bemoan the level of shmiras shabbos in the world, but one thing I can be 100% sure of is that comments like those from #2 do absolutely nothing to enhance shmiras shabbos. If anything, they are more likely to turn people off.

  7. This is spooky…supposedly Rav Chaim Kanievsky said something about a war breaking out on Chanuka…plus someone showed me a Zohar that said that 70 days after the “collapse” (which he was saying wwas the begining of the financial collapse, the day the first big bank went under) that there will be a big war with the “Yishmaelim” which turns out to be the 8t day of Chanuka. It also made mention to the events in India “Darom”. I obviously downplayed it, but when I turn on my computer after Shabbos and read is scary.


    May the air strikes today be the beginning of the downfall of the murderous psychopath – evil beast Yishmael, who daily blasphemes our Torah, who falsely claims to be the chosen son of Avraham Aveinu and who denies the Jewish right to Eretz Yisrael, and who launches brutal genocidal wars against innocent Jews.

  9. #13, I don’t think #12 was implying that they care, just that they didn’t take it into consideration and that it shouldn’t be attacked. Like he said, we should be davening for a successful campaign.

  10. This is spooky…supposedly Rav Chaim Kanievsky said something about a war breaking out ……

    Rabbi kenievsky said nothing of this sort. Isn’t it getting crazy how everyday people say he said this and said that but nobody could find one human being who actually was there and HEARD IT! Also in a day where we live in technological world nobody ever has the brain to either record it, video tape it or just something to back up claims made by Rabbi Kanievsky!

    Irgun Shiur Torah records statements made by Rabbi Kaniefsky when asking shailos.

    We refuse to believe anything that Rabbi Kaneifsky says when all people do is walk around
    and say they heard from a friend whop heard it from his cousin who heard it from a friends rav who was down the block of where the rosh yeshiva lives!

  11. There was a group of soldiers before the Macabim who wernt succsesful because they didnt fight on shobbas. So probably this was thought of beforehand.

  12. Re: Comment # 2 – Grow up and learn the realities of life and anti-semitism. Additionally, maybe you can learn a little halacha about the inyanim of pikuach nefesh and a non – milchemes reshus.
    Check out the Shulchan Aruch (I’m sure you’ve heard of it).

  13. in honor of Chanuka….may the IDF lite up the sky over Gaza like a Menorha on steriods…it is about time..the time to talk has past (about 60 years ago)…now it is time to CLEAN UP!!!!!!

  14. can everybody please stop puttin down number 2..there is a halacha of “Malbin Peni Shel Chavero..” and even if we dont know who #2 ishe maybe feeling a bit degraded.. and anyway its Chanuka daven for Eretz Israel at this special time,, davenfor Klak Israel.
    (p.s. im sure they have e/t calculated exactly and have reasons for why they started firing on Shabbos but couldnt they do it a day before.. i mean this has been going on forever and dafka Shabbos? -i hear what #2 is saying..)

  15. Does anyone need to be reminded why we lost the Bais Hamikdash in the first place? It’s because of comments like #21. Please be more careful about how you speak with others… we never know how close we are to Moshiach, and what actions can send him scurrying away….


  16. Gevalt, you people truly sound like blood-thirsty arabs – nuking them all???!?! how can a yid, rachmanim bnei rachmanim, think this way? Kill kill kill – this is the answer? has zionism really snuffed out that much kedushah that yidden cant see that you dont just blow things up?

    If lives must be saved, or are a factor, then there are conditions where military action is necessary, but to rejoice over it? over babies and women dying? how dare you, and how dare anyone who follows hashem’s torah think this way.

    People broke shabbos to do something which could have been done any day of the week – a bizayon in the greatest way possible, and there are people who think this is a milchemes reshus? excuse me, has moshiach come yet? do we have the real eretz yisroel, or just this fake shmad-state? what element of the govt, besides shas and UTJ, actually believes in moshiach or the idea of milchemes reshus? if this is a milchemes reshus, where’s the meshuach milchama that’s supposed to pater soldiers who are not supposed to fight? if you ask me, many soldiers shouldn’t fight due to chatayim, like this attack on SHABBOS KODESH WHEN NO ONE WAS IN DANGER.

  17. You can all attack #2 as much as your very enlightened and sophisticated minds feel is necessary, however I must tell you considering how long this situation has been going, I find it curious that Shabbos afternoon (not before and not after) was the absolute perfect second to start fighting back. I fully agree that possibly this was the case but I find it curious.

    The hamas sh’kotzim did not expect an attack on Shabbos,so this was not a bad thing to do. It is about time that Israel punishes these evil resho’im! Of course,NOW, the countries in their neighborhood complain,but over the last few years when thousands of bombs and rockets were shot into Israel,only the US sometimes weakly complained. IT’S ABOUT TIME!! This is really what Chanukka is about! DEFEND THE PEOPLE OF THE TORAH!!

  19. to all of the above, esp. #22.
    To delude yourself that a full scale war in gaza will not result in a lot of deaths on our side, both during the conflict and afterwords, is pure ignorance of our past and present history in the region. Do you honestly believe that any of our previous victories over the arabs ended up solving all of our problems with them? Do you actually envision that without hamas all of the arabs will suddenly decide that fighting us isn’t something they really want to do? Like they did after ’48 or ’67 when we had real victories? The best case for Israel is that MAYBE we can stop the missile attacks from Gaza. Like we did in Lebanon. Poorly.

    Grow up.

  20. The Yidden will be in very great danger everywhere. Gevalt. Gevalt. How can frum Jews who follow Hashem’s Torah be happy to see bloodshed? If they don’t care about Palestinians, then what about the Jews who will suffer? Gevalt!

  21. I was just windering why amongst calls for Achdus, and cries of Moshiach coming there is sinas chinum going on in the comments calling for these things!? #2 asked an honest question, whether people feel his question is right or wrong shouldn’t make a difference – the question was asked.

    As far as stiking on shabbos, it was in retaliation to a stike earlier today where someone was killed. Therefore to prevent further happening today, the attack was started today.

  22. #1 #3 #22
    Unfortunatly history has shown that this leads to loss of life on both sides. If you think that there will not be a retaliation…dream on. This is a very sad day. I don’t know how Israel should way seems to be working. We need Moshiach.


  24. Rabosai,

    We must say Tehilim or Learn or be mekabel something wether a mitzva or midos for our hatzlacha, and that there is chas v’sholom no harm.

    Ah Guten Voch/Choidesh , Ah Freilichen Chanuka.

  25. Now is the time (its really always time) for ACHDUS and not any form of criticism or disunity, R”L.

    Looking for something to say? Then, daven for the success and safety of our soldiers, daven for the safety of Klal Yisrael. We need to be marbim b’tefilla. Chanukah is a time of nissim.

    May HaKadosh Baruch Hu, protect us all and send Moshiach Tzidkenu, bemhera, v’yemeinu. AMEN!

  26. hey people, I am all for killing hamas,and arabs. BUT like the other commentators said it could have waited 1 more day. It DIDNT have to be davka on Shabbos. As far as feeling bad for palestinians killed,doesnt the torah say Loi Sechaya kol Neshama? I know, I,know that was in the times of the beis hamikdash. Anyway,to tell the truth,this war like the other wars before will accomplish Nothing. Except maybe stopping the rockets for a while. Do any of you really think we can win this war without hashem’s involvement,and without Mosiach’s coming? Tell the Israelis to stop fooling themlselves,Koichi V’oitzem Yudi, got us nowhere(except here)so far. This war(as all others)is the B’ashefer’s war against Yihmael,we can do some hishtadlus by fighting them,but to finish it? no way jose! This is way past our means. Like the other commentators said.Lets all do Teshuva,Achdus(like after Bombay)and most of all Tefilla. There lies our hope and salvation. I am not a preacher nor a Rabbi.

  27. Everything is B’hashgacha. The act of Pikuach Nefesh this Shabbos was “M’shalshim B’shalosh Kedushos L’Kadosh” of Shabbos, Chanuka, and Rosh Chodesh. “Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh”. B’ezras Hashem we shall see the kiyum of the conclusion of this Pasuk “Melo Chol Ha’aretz Kevodo”…

  28. leshemshaayim – kiyum of that pasuk is fulfilled by the very existence of the briah. Please – people throw around pesukim so much you’d think they were lehavdil christians, who behave similarly, except its their religion to do that – it’s not ours. What, may I ask, is kodesh about death and killing people?!!??

    Honestly, comments like that are mamesh a chillul hashem – we’re not supposed to be happy about this, especially since it was chillul shabbos.

    How was this pikuach nefesh?? it boggles the mind how people who wouldn’t go near paskening a shaila about milchigs and fleshigs, have no problem pontificating their opinions about dinei nefashos – truly amazing!

  29. #33, don’t you think yidden all over the world are in danger? Did you hear the news from Mumbai a few weeks ago?

    The only thing these chayos understand is strength.

    May Hasem protect these brave men and women who stand day and night to protect Yidden all over the world.

  30. It is said that the Jewish people were commanded not to take pride in the destruction of the Egyptians during kriat yam suf.

    That’s the standard we should follow in modern times as well.

    There should not be cries to “nuke them all” or celebrations at the death of our enemies, under any circumstances. We should look inwards into our own flaws and realize that those that died were HaShem’s creations too.

    At the very least, please bear in mind this is a publicly accessible website and your display of enjoyment at the suffering of others is a horrible chillul HaShem.

  31. There are very few people that know whether we should or should not have started this on Shabbos.
    They are the gedolei hatorah who know the facts, one way or the other.

  32. Arent you all tired of making and hearing predictions about moshiach coming and then being disappointed?! How often are you going to do this? The Rambam says dont rely on signs and miracles, common sense also tells you that you will just be disappointed again and again. When are you going to learn? How superstitious can you get?! Moshiach will come when he will come…Fellow Jews- What happened to our logic and rational way of thinking?

  33. who do you people think you are would you like it if bomb are dropping all around you and you will not do anything this a case of picuach nefesh think about yor brothers sufferuing

  34. #13 wrote #12 if anyone thinks the israely gov’t cares an iota about shobbos should have his head examined

    Dear #13. I have a name. I use it. I didn’t make any claims about the Government of the State of Israel’s feelings towards Shabbos. Rather than suggest I have my head “examined”, I suggest you re-read what I wrote. Find the Rambam I quoted and then please advise us all, based on your apparently in-depth knowledge of the intelligence situation that would suggest they should have waited till Rabbeinu Tam’s Zman for Tzeis.

    By the way, the way I see it, when Jews are attacked, and Jews were being attacked, then it would seem to me that this is some sort of Milchemes Mitzvah that even a Chosson would go out for.

    You know, the Brisker Shitta of being Machmir on Pikuach Nefesh would have meant that they should have gone out on Yom Kippur if that meant they would maximise their chances of strength. Just say Tehillim, please and please stop this nonsensical debate

  35. Shabbos aheen, Shabbos aher, men foort!

    When the primary objective of the Shabbos operation is to pre-emptively knockout established targets that are being used to fire deadly rockets, the Torah commands us: Hashkeim L’Horgoi! Based on the news media releases, it does not appear that the Shabbos military operation was retaliatory.

    As far as whether it could have been conducted earlier in the week, the Torah instructs us to first offer our enemies peace. There was a six month alleged truce that expired. Israel could not have attacked on day 1 while they were negotiating an extention. Only after several unsuccessful days of negotiation, while remaining under relentless attack, was a military response proper.

  36. dovid – it’s not the satmar rov’s shita, it’s actually the maharal in netzach yisroel; the satmar rebbe just brings his shita in his sefer.

    They do sure sound like baryonim though..

  37. balbin – let me get this straight, kofrim violate the ratzon hashem, take a land and call it a medina to shmad yidden(as the brisker rov said), provoke the fury of the entire world(even the US), and when it has to save yidden from rachmana letzlan being murdered – this is a milchemes mitzvah?!?!

    That is the exact same thing as lighting a house on fire and then saying it is a mitzvah to save the sleeping children – honestly, there wouldn’t be a mitzvah if we had listened to our gedolim.

    For the record, who says chasanim(and people who built new houses and/or are afraid of chatayim) go out for a milchemes mitzvah? I seem to remember differently.

  38. I think that if you are going to quote halacha you should do it in a nicer way. Isnt the Hashem that gave the halacha the same Hashem that said that the whole “lo nohagoo kavod ze be ze” was a bad thing?

  39. 56 – anti-semitism has different causes, and is triggered by different sins of our people. Wanting to end it by making a state to ‘normalize’ jews, as the zionist kofrim did, was bedavka the reason why there is anti-semitism nowadays. Of course there was anti-semitism before zionism, but never before was it so substantiated in the words of our own people as it is now, and never before was it because of a massive decision on the part of jewish people to violate hashem’s torah.

  40. pashut – it’s brought in other places too, and your kashya in on the maharal, who says it is yehereg velo yaavor, not the satmar rebbe. There are many halachos which have limited sources, this is one of them – where do you see the halacha that there must be a mechitzah?

    Many things are yehereg velo yaavor, as tosfos says the embarrassing someone is yehereg velo yaavor – the maharal is a chiddush of sorts, but it shows that despite what may seem like aggada, the shvuous are binding.

    The rambam does bring the shvuous – it’s in iggeres taimon. He wanrs the yemenites there, to NOT VIOLATE the shvuous. Why he does not bring it in mishnah torah is a good kashya, but it is clear that he held that they were binding, otherwise why shouldnt the taimanim violate them, do you think there was no anti-semitism back then? As does the ramban, rivash, piskei haraz, ibn ezra, megilas ester on the rambam, the yaavetz on the gemora which has the shvuous, reb yakov emden, chasam sofer, the rashash, reb yonoson eibeshitz, and maharashdam, chida, ohr hachaim, Gro, meshech chochma, and several others.

    Rabbeinu Tam(sefer hayasher) says we do pasken from aggadata – thats first. Second, all gemoras contain the ratzon hashem. If there is a maamer chazal, brought in rishonim and achronim, which says, if you violate this, I will permit your flesh to be hunted like animals in the field, how can any sane person dismiss it as ‘well, thats just aggadata’ – aggadata means things that have no halachik ramifications, but it doesnt mean you can be mevazeh it and just say ‘well, this is the ratzon hashem, but i do not have to follow it’. How do you know the first mishnah in bava kama is not aggadata? Honestly, it says ‘DONT DO THIS OR YOU WILL DIE’, the rishonim bring examples, such as the bnei efraim, who violated the shuvous, and hence were punished.

    it’s funny, the megilas ester, a rishon, knew mishnah torah very, very well. He had no qualms about saying that the Rambam held of them and that is the reason why he did not include the mitzvah of yishuv haaretz in his roster of mitzvos that apply nowadays, since fulfilling it would violate the shvuous. So, your claim that since it’s not brought in the rambam(which it is, just not the MT) is laughable, and contradicted by mesorah.

  41. I wonder whhy the maharal didn’t know, as you know, that since the shvuous are not in the rif or mordechai, or the tur or shulchan aruch, that they somehow do not apply – i wonder, since he knew all of those seforim backwards and forwards, yet he said they apply and are in fact yehereg velo yaavor!

    Hmm, if I had to be a posek, should I side with the army of sources above, or with pashuteh yid and koferofberlin?