More Frum-Secular Tensions in N’vei Yaakov


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daven.jpgJerusalem is heating up, not just because of summer, but the formidable opposition to the demographic changes, primarily the city is becoming frummer and more chareidi. This not only elicits the ire of many non-frum residents, but sadly, in many cases, the most outspoken opponents to the chareidim are members of the Shomer Shabbat dati leumi community. This has been the case in Ramot, Ramat Eshkol and other areas, where dati leumi residents fear the chareidi influx will make them a minority and they prefer to act to halt the trend.
Opponents to the makeshift caravan shul on wheels are angry, for they feel City Hall is not removing the structure, which they insist is illegal, because technically, it is not a building but a vehicle.
City Hall officials’ report they have issued an order to evacuate the structure, stating if mispalalim do not, the structure will be shut down by city inspectors. At some point, inspectors did come to shut the caravan shul down but due to the intervention of Councilman Yisrael Kellerman, the inspectors backed off. Residents apparently plan to appeal to the courts­.
Mispalalim are angry, explaining on the one hand, no shul is being built and on the other, the caravan which provides a temporary solution is bothersome to City Hall. Kellerman is working to reach a solution with residents to remove objections to the caravan’s presence.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. why r they complaining? i sell israel apartments, once charaidim come into an area the apartments double in price. 12 yrs ago ramote eskol, machel, sanhedria, and even mallo dafna, there was no minyun of frum people and dirras there where dirt cheap , less than 90k, now u cant touch anything for less 350k. All the ‘up & becomming’ american frum areas start off this always happens( well not with the whole carshul situation) untill the non-frum resedants relize the frum will pay big bucks for there dirras.

  2. Wanting to have a shul to daven in is hardly religious coercion. They are so afraid of letting the frum live in peace and be frum.

  3. Can someone please explain to me where in Neve Yakov this shul is. I have been living in neve yakov for years. We lived first in the mithared and now moved last month to kaminetz part. My husband says the mithared is mitharet.
    The problem in neve yakov is this. There are too many bucharians. All the secular have moved out. It became hareidi very fast since there was mosdot here already.
    The Bucharians have stayed and they are problematic. The were once hiloni, since it became hareidi here, they sport a kipa but still do things that are wrong.
    I dont want to speak to much. Because the bucharians here are one big mafia. We suffered many years in the mithared and that is what drove us to move away, we liked neve yakov so we moved to kaminetz.
    I do nto recommend neve yakov mithared because of this mafia that is there.

  4. ONe last note. I in my life thought that a mafia was non existant but come to neve yakov with 11 year old boys who steal your items and you must give them money to surrender one or 2 of your items. And if you dont pay the brothers will beat you up. And the police ( WHICH IS STATIONED IN NEVE YAKOV) can not do anything because these are minors.