Controversy Over Beit Shemesh Language & Culture School


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classroom.jpgBeit Shemesh’s Language and Culture School, home to about 200 students, is the focus of a mounting controversy as city education officials wish to divide the school three ways, for chareidi, dati leumi and secular students. The city feels, in compliance with a High Court ruling, that chareidim may not be prevented from acquiring available school space due to fears the building may be taken over.

In this case, the parents of the now non-chareidi school fear they will lose their building and their school, which they insist is a “pearl among schools with a name that is known far and wide”. The city feels however that they can no longer permit 200 students to occupy a space adequate for 400 students when the city’s chareidi sector is critically low on space for first graders – leading to the decision to construct sheetrock partitions to divide the building.

PTA officials vow they are not about to forfeit their school to chareidim and vow to fight to prevent moving chareidi students into the school.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. you forgot to mention that no one of the 200 students live in Ramat Beit Shemesh but are bused in from other neighboorhoods and moshavim!!!

  2. #4 So what, you have mesitvas, elite high schools and private chadorim whose students are bused in from other areas? That is not a must, that students have to be from the community.

    There are 2 vans from Yerushalayim coming to the normal bais yakov high school in RBS.