Report: Mosdos Avraham Yitzchak on the Verge of Collapse


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tay.jpgToldos Avraham Yitzchak is facing a critical financial crisis, with Chareidim reporting one of the chassidus’ talmidei torah in Yerushalayim was saved at the last moment by a temporary influx of funds but a shul in Beit Shemesh affiliated with the Rebbe Shlita was closed, unable to make rent payments. The main Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Beis Medresh in Beit Shemesh continues to operate.

According to the report, officials confirm the financial crunch, adding last month; a month’s salary was paid to employees who have not received salaries for a number of months. YWN reported recently the Rebbe Shlita refused to travel to Switzerland for vacation as is his custom, learning of the financial problems at home, insisting he must remain at home to address issues at hand.

Chareidim quotes a senior official in the chassidus who states things are not exactly operating as they should at present, and there is no overseas fundraising or dinners as once was the case. The report concludes the Rebbe is now in Switzerland and he is addressing the situation with askanim there as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. aren’t these the same guys who are spending their Shabossim yelling “shabbos” at the Karta parking lot? Maybe if they either spent their time in the Beis Midrash asking HKB”H for help, or getting a job, they wouldn’t be in such a dire need.

  2. wow! comment one, we are in middle of the month of elul!

    The rebbi shilita travels to America to raise funds for the kollel families and yeshiva… now with the american economy in trouble and fund are less, he went to switzerland for help!

    why question a tzadik?

  3. jackr – I like you dont have the will and guts to stand up to the mechalelei shabbos but i stand on the side and let the heroes do their job – why are you attacking the ohavei hashem

  4. jackr:

    Have a great time davenning on Rosh HaShana. I hope you have as much faith in Hashem as you do in your right to criticize whole groups of Am Yisrael who are doing a tremendous job of serving Him.

  5. I’ve been warning for this for a long time. TAY is only the first one to reach the news. The whole cardboard house is collapsing. It’s only going to get worse – this is just the beginning.

  6. He makes money by going to Switzerland! His chasidim pay for the privilege to spend this time with him. And next time think twice before belittling a talmid chochom.

  7. First get ur facts straight then comment. #1 somebody pays specifically for the rebbes vacation besides for the regular donation which he gives to the institution.
    #2 ur like those people who say that all blacks look alike. Not all people who live in mea sheorim and wear striped frocks riot. If you can’t diffrenciate between faces then don’t comment. Fyi noone from this chassidus attended these riots and they r the last people on earth to resort to violence. Maybe as an apology for ur slander u should try and bail them out of their unfortunate financial situaton!!!

  8. Perhaps if this institution in Bet Shemesh had maintained minimally good relations with their neighbors, many of whom are religious Jews, they could ask them for help. As things currently stand, there is little chance of that.

  9. to daasbaalhabayis:
    please explain to me how someone yelling “Nazi” at Jewish police officers, who are themselves forced to be Mechalal Shabbos in order to control these protestors, are “ohavei Hashem” The only thing that I saw when I was at the protest last week was Chilul Hashem on a major scale by Yidden dressed in Yerusalmie garb and streimlech. Seeing young kids age 14-18 yelling “shikse” at female Jewish police officers does not bring Kavod to Torah or bring any Jews closer to yiddishkeit.

  10. #21, You’ve always opposed those who wear a different hat than yourself, especially these find people. So lets not pretend to have had a sudden change of heart.

  11. #7
    on both points you are once again commenting with out being in the know first of all the Toldas Avrohom Yitzchok community do work and secondly they genrally dont go to demenstrations so please get your facts right then think about commenting.