Court Rules in Favor of Haifa Belz Community


A court decision handed down today, Wednesday, December 23, 2009, was received with simcha among members of the Haifa Belz community and its supporters. The court in essence invalidated a city eviction order, which sought to oust Belz from its current building, which according to Taba land registry records is the property of City Hall.

The old Belz shtiebel was simply too small explains community activist Rav Lazar Horowitz, a member of the Belz community, explaining the Belz minyan serves many others in addition to Belz chassidim, including Jews from all walks of life who wish to daven or learn on shabbos or during the week.

Belz moved into the vacant building, which provides ample space to accommodate the growing chassidic community and its supporters. The act was met by an eviction order from City Hall, prompting the chassidus to take its case to court.

The hearing was a number of months ago and today, the court released its 20-page ruling, which came out strongly in favor of Belz and the co-petitioners, Chabad and other elements of the shomer shabbos community.

R’ Horowitz was not only pleased with the verdict, but the strong language used by the court in support of Belz, which he hopes will act as a deterrence to those contemplating an appeal. R’ Horowitz pointed out the ruling in no way grants Belz ownership to the building, but protects the chassidus and permits the continuation of the use of the structure for a shul and beis medrash.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)