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Rabbis Met in Bnei Brak – Reject New Justice Ministry Restrictions

Rav Nachum Eisenstein, an organizer of the Monday afternoon kinos addressing new Justice Ministry demands from civil service rabbis spoke with Kol Chai Radio, explaining the position of the rabbonim.

The Justice Ministry and the courts are attempting to instruct the rabbonim as how to run the office, how to register giyurim, make decisions pertaining to kashrus. They are not knowledgeable to make decisions in halachic areas, but nevertheless want to make the decisions in place of the rabbonim.

If left with no alternative, it could result in a total separation between the rabbonim and the state. While separate communities exist today in Bnei Brak and other cities, there are still rabbis of cities who are chareidi in all aspects of their life and maintain a connection with the state body. If they are push into a corner, they will break away and the results will be obvious.

Regarding geirim, the problems do not stem from one or two [geirim], but the majority of the converts today, including those converting through the IDF. They are not geirim in accordance to halacha and many do not accept living a lifestyle of kiyum Torah and mitzvos, invalidating the process.

“There is no other government office in which the Justice Ministry dares to demand a report as to the running of the office or ministry and I hope they back down from this demand”, Rabbi Eisenstein said.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I think its pretty simple.
    Don’t be on the government payroll.
    Don’t be obligated to government officials who wouldn’t recognize a Shulchan Aruch if they tripped over it.
    Paskin K’halacha with accountability only to G’dolai HaDor and HKB”H.

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